St. Louis' Star Clipper rises again with new location, owners

Star Clipper, the St. Louis comic store that closed last month after 27 years, will reopen in April with new owners and a new location.

Riverfront Times reports that Fantasy Books Inc. owners Steve Unverferth and Tony Favello had already bought Star Clipper's fixtures for a new downtown location (a former art gallery and dojo), and even hired some of its stuff. And then on Feb. 21 they purchased the Star Clipper name.

"We decided that St. Louis needed to have Star Clipper, and these are the guys who could do it," Ben Trujillo, who owned Star Clipper with his wife A.J., told the newspaper. "When you see the space, you'll understand. They're going to put their own spin on it, but I think they understand what made Star Clipper special, and they're committed to keeping it that way."

Star Clipper Comics, Games and Collectibles will open next month at 1319 Washington Ave., in plenty of time to prepare for Free Comic Book Day.

Today's official announcement has been teased for the fast few days on the Star Clipper Facebook page with images of Marvel characters who have been resurrected.

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