SSS Comcis' "Eclipse & Vega" Gets New Creative Team

Official Press Release

Toronto, Canada - November 08, 2004 - SSS COMICS is pleased to announcethat their Flagship Book Eclipse & Vega now has a permanent creative teamfor the entire year of 2005. Eclipse & Vega : The Beds We Make #1 (availablefor order in the November Previews Magazine) will be drawn by Bill Mausand Written by James Patrick. These two are no strangers to the charactersas James co-wrote a story for Eclipse & Vega : Super Sized Special and BillMaus has provided art for two previous Eclipse & Vega books.

According to Saul Colt (creator of Eclipse & Vega as well as BIG BOSS ofSSS COMICS) "This move was in the works for a while. I decided to go thisroute for a few reasons. One I recently became a father and wish to spendsome time with my son, and two James pitched me two great stories that Ifelt needed to be told. As for Bill Maus, he draws these characters as ifthey where his own and it shows. Rounding out the creative team is BillJankowski and Mark Gallivan on tones, letters and all around design work.I feel so lucky to be going forward with this team and feel Eclipse & Veganow has the talent to become one of the truly great books on the shelf!If you are wondering where that leaves me, I am still the editor in Chiefaround here and I still make the final decisions..... plus I have writtena crime fiction book that I will be releasing next year called ROPE"

Eclipse & Vega : The beds we make is a hilarious story of the trouble asimple kiss from a fellow superhero can get you in and can be found on page316 of the November Previews. The catalog # to order the book is Nov042888

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