Everyone likes an underdog, and we rarely see an underdog as remarkable as Marvel Comics' Squirrel Girl.

Making her debut twenty years ago in Marvel Super-Heroes Special Vol. 2 #8, the offbeat Steve Ditko creation disappeared for fifteen years until writer Dan Slott resurrected her as a member of the Great Lakes Avengers. Since then, her ability to command squirrels, along with her super strength and powerful claws, have enabled her to defeat some of the Marvel Universe's heaviest hitters, including Doctor Doom, Thanos, Deadpool and, in one instance, even Wolverine. And yet, she's never gotten her moment in the sun when it comes to video games. Not one appearance in a Marvel compilation such as the "Ultimate Alliance" games, nor any sort of playable character debut in the "Marvel vs. Capcom" series.

But that all changes this November as THQ makes Squirrel Girl a pivotal part of its upcoming "Marvel Super Hero Squad" release, "Comic Combat." The game, which hits stores alongside the release of a special drawing tablet called the uDraw, will be coming to Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on November 15, just in time for the holiday sales rush.

If you're unfamiliar with the "Marvel Super Hero Squad" games, they feature modified combat that's ideal for all ages, with the kind of punch and kick action both fans and younger kids can appreciate. Players fight their way through enemy forces, solving puzzles as a team while taking on occasional boss encounters. The upcoming release, "Comic Combat," promises plenty of this gameplay, along with innovative new controls utilized through the uDraw tablet.

Squirrel Girl plays a pivotal role in the game's cast, as players will use the uDraw to direct attacks (such as commanding squirrels to tackle certain enemies), draw objects (a squirrel path) and command fellow Squaddies to do individual things. Joining Squirrel Girl on her quest will be pint-sized versions of popular Marvel characters Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Wolverine and six other heroes.

Though the action is a bit more cartoonish than your typical super-hero video game fare, "Comic Combat" will remain buried deep within the Marvel lexicon, complete with such popular locations as Nick Fury's Helicarrier, the Baxter Building, the Vault and the Sanctum Sanctorum. In addition, various villains will pop up over the course of the game to challenge your squad, including Thanos, Dr. Doom, Loki and others.

The game's executive producer, Peter Armstrong, believes the uDraw will help players guide your team of superheroes to victory. "The uDraw GameTablet gives players the ability to direct and control their favorite super heroes in a completely new way," he told CBR. "As the comic artist, you are able to command each hero and utilize their unique abilities for the first time ever using the power of the pen."

"Comic Combat" takes place over the course of six interactive comic book-designed stages, each one whisking you into a different storyline ripped straight from the pages of past Marvel Comics. Being able to interact with these will be an integral part of the game, something younger fans can certainly appreciate. In addition, there are a number of upgrades available for the characters which can be unlocked by earning hero points over the course of each stage.

Get ready to draw your way to a squirrel-y victory this November

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