Squirrel Girl Could Become Marvel's Next Deadpool

"Is she tough? Listen, bud.

She's got partially squirrel blood.

Who's her friend? Don't you know: That's the squirrel, Tippy-Toe.

Surprise! She likes to talk to squirrels!"

Comic book perfection, thy name is Squirrel Girl. Somehow, against all the odds, a joke character debuting in a 1991 inventory story has blossomed into the adorable star of one of the smartest, funniest and downright heart-warming comics published today. Middling sales in no way reflect the quality of the book's content and a segment of fandom may continue to regard her as a joke character, but these fans who do follow her adventures know that if any character is capable of breaking into the mainstream and achieving success it's Doreen Green, a.k.a. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.


Much of the narrative around female Marvel characters currently revolves around Captain Marvel and her position as the MCU's next big thing. Rumors continue to swirl about a Black Widow movie, while Jessica Jones is generally regarded as the jewel in Marvel's Netflix crown. Yet while Squirrel Girl is headed to the small-screen as part of the upcoming New Warriors TV series, she has the potential for much greater things. Following in the footsteps of characters such as Deadpool and Harley Quinn, Squirrel Girl has all the right ingredients to capture the imaginations, hearts and minds of the general public.

Does this sound fanciful? Well, sure, but in the late '90s where it seemed like Deadpool was threatened with cancellation every five issues, who could have imagined that he would be a huge movie star, yet alone one whose films out perform the main X-Men movies. And when Harley Quinn was first introduced in Batman: The Animated Series, who could have foreseen a time where she would headline solo comics, appear in films and become a cosplay sensation? And what is it that makes these characters so special? Partly it's because they offer a break from the norm, proof that a more irreverent approach to the superhero genre isn't just acceptable to modern audiences, it's practically welcomed. After countless films where muscle bound heroes are pitted against each other, audiences are proving more and more open to other interpretations, whether it's comedy (Thor: Ragnarok), drama (Logan) or satire (Deadpool). There has never been a better time for Squirrel Girl to make her mark.

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