Squirrel Girl Just Got a Major Cosmic Boost... From Galactus

Warning: The following contains spoilers for The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #50 by Ryan North, Derek Charm, Erica Henderson, Rico Renzi and Travis Lanham, on sale now.

Squirrel Girl has made it her mission to make all of her villains into friends. And while she's been more successful with some than others, the most powerful of her allies just returned to save her in her darkest hour.

Galactus himself makes an appearance in Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #50, not only save the day, but also give the titular hero a new cosmic ability.

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Over the course of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, she's fought many of the most powerful villains from across the Marvel Universe. Along the way, she's also gained an arch-nemesis in the wealthy Melissa Morbeck. Tired of dealing with the seemingly undefeatable young woman, Melissa assembled a murderer's row of villains to attack her. While many of her past allies and enemies-turned-friends came to her aid, even they were eventually overwhelmed. Just when the villains unleashed a massive energy blast with her in their sights, a giant hand stopped the attack from reaching Squirrel Girl.

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It's revealed that it was, in fact, Galactus himself who stopped the blast. To the shock of everyone (except a relieved Squirrel Girl), the planet-eating celestial force is also someone that Doreen befriended. Galactus is able to stop the villains with ease, although his impulse is just to kill all the people trying to attack his friend and be done with it. Squirrel Girl begs him not to though.

Freezing time except for himself and Squirrel Girl, the pair head to the moon to talk it out. Along the way, he grants her the ability to breathe in space, saying that it might only be a temporary skill -- or it could be a permanent new power. Considering their past relationship, however, there's no reason for Galactus to mess with Squirrel Girl and not give her the powers forever.

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Galactus was actually one of the first characters that Squirrel Girl befriended in this comic run about the character. Much of Unbeatable Squirrel Girl has been about trying to find friendship in even the fiercest of enemies. In Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #4, she initially tries to threaten Galactus with a fight, but eventually just starts talking to him. Galactus is impressed by the fact that she's not scared of him and instead approaches him like a person.

Squirrel Girl eventually comes to the conclusion that Galactus only ever comes to Earth now to get help from the planet's heroes to find him a safe, uninhabited world to take. He is no longer there to consume Earth. That story ended with Galactus calling he and Squirrel Girl friends. Now, he's finally made good on that declaration.

Not only does he save Squirrel Girl and all of her friends (along with most of the major heroes of the Marvel Universe who'd come to back her up in the battle), but they reaffirm their friendship even in the face of change. Considering this is the last issue of the series, it's likely things will shift for the characters and they will be slightly different when a new writer takes on the characters in the future. But it's a sweet affirmation of the themes of the book and came with an unintended perk for Squirrel Girl.

Having the ability to breathe in space is a real positive for the character, especially given how many times she's had to adapt to a new setting very quickly with no warning. She can easily go into space or possibly even areas like underwater with no trouble if this power is permanent. And it should be! On top of being another attribute to make her even more unbeatable and a tie to the greater Marvel Universe, maintaining this power would also be a way to make sure this run of the character stays as a permanent part of her. Plus, it might mean more "Squirrel Girl,,, In Space" stories, which are always a good thing.

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