The 10 Most Powerful Members Of The Squadron Supreme, Ranked

The Squadron Supreme isn't exactly Marvel's premier team. In fact, many fans might not even know anything about this heroic group. The team is actually a rip-off  of DC's Justice League. Each one is a parallel to someone on that team, acting as if they were a forgotten member of the iconic DC group.

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Despite this, they've been around in the Marvel universe for a number of years. They've had their own comic run and have been regularly featured in the larger crossovers. Some of the characters in the group have also had great solo careers. Surprisingly, many of these individuals are actually incredibly powerful. They could even rival some of Marvel's other great teams! Here are our picks for the strongest members of the team, leading up to the most powerful of all.


Nighthawk is probably one of the team's more well-known members. Aside from his time with Squadron Supreme, as a valiant leader within the group, he's also popped up in many crossover events, groups like the Initiative and has sided with the Avengers on a number of occasions.

As a result of his vast experience, Nighthawk has an edge over other members of the team. His parallel is Batman and he has taken a potion that gives him enhanced strength and durability. He is actually more powerful at night. However, he also relies heavily on his hand-to-hand combat skills, as well as the gadgets he possesses.


Skymax is a variation on the Martian Manhunter. This inventive use of the Skrulls has created quite an interesting character. Skymax is from a different reality entirely and, like Martian Manhunter, his home world has been destroyed.

His main mission is to travel the galaxy looking for a new home. He's also a super Skrull, which means he has a number of abilities that a normal Skrull wouldn't possess. Normally, this species uses its shape-shifting abilities regularly, but Skymax can do so much more, relying on the powers of the Fantastic Four!


Blur is a take on the Flash, although he's also reminiscent of Marvel's own Quicksilver. As the name and the comparisons suggest, Blur is a speedster. The former agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. is a member of a newer formation of the Squadron Supreme.

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Blur has a number of differences from both Quicksilver and the Flash, however. Firstly, he may actually be one of the fastest speedsters on the planet, as he can actually rival Quicksilver. He is also unable to keep completely still, with his abilities constantly in use.


There have been quite a few variations on the Whizzer, both villain and hero. Once again, this is a speedster within the Marvel universe who is supposed to be compared to the Flash (and the other heroes in the DC universe that use the speed force).

This version of the character is the third person to take on the mantle. He is the youngest person to be the Whizzer and his yellow costume is much closer to that of the speedsters of DC than of Quicksilver. His speed also allows him to create cyclones.


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Nuke is an incredibly tragic super hero. There is a villain in the Marvel universe known as Nuke, but this man is a completely different version of the character. As you may expect, Nuke has actually got radioactive skin, which eventually made his family severely ill.

In a different reality, Nuke had an accident at a nuclear power plant, creating the powers he now possesses. He has a number of abilities, including flight and being able to shoot powerful beams from his hands. He's a bit of a throwback character and reminds us of Superman a bit.


The Marvel universe already has a number of sorcerers, including Doctor Strange. The DC universe also has their own resident magic user, the incredibly powerful Zatanna. The Squadron Supreme, therefore, had to have their own master of the mystic arts. Her name is Arcanna, also known as Moonglow.

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She really is a rip-off of Zatanna, with the same level of capabilities. She uses the magical powers that are present in the Marvel universe and is able to cast spells of incredible strength. She has a particular talent for controlling the elements and flies on the wind with a broomstick.


Brian Callahan is probably not very well known at all. He's not really even a rip-off of any member of the Justice League, but instead a character from Marvel itself. Callahan is actually closer linked to the Hulk than anyone from DC.

Much like Hulk, Callahan has incredibly strength, almost unbreakable skin and a healing factor, not to mention the whole 'hulking out' thing. He has gone by the name Mangog in the past and actually glows blue when he powers up. He does also become highly egotistical, however.


Power Princess is a very obvious nod to Wonder Woman. This formidable female warrior even has a costume design that heavily implies a link between this Princess and the Amazonian Diana Prince. Her origins even sound a little similar.

Instead of being from a unique group of humans, she's actually been created as part of inhumanity. Known as the Utopians, they are a little bit like Inhumans as they are an offshoot of homo sapiens and have lived off-world ever since their creation. She's a strong fighter with enhanced speed, flight, strength, agility and reflexes.


A founding member of the team, this former astronaut was granted powers during his interstellar travels. He's a combination of a few different DC characters, but is more like Doctor Fate and primarily Green Lantern.

Much like some of the other characters on this list, Spectrum is from a completely different reality, although has been brought over to Earth 616. Doctor Spectrum has a prism of energy on his hand, like a Green Lantern ring, which provides the source of his powers (which could be unlimited).


If the Squadron Supreme ever got their own Disney Plus show, the team would have to incorporate Hyperion. He is not only the team's most powerful member, but could also be one of the most powerful heroes in all of the Marvel universe.

His list of powers is almost unending. He has all the basic abilities of a superhero, such as flight, strength and durability. He also has a number of cosmic abilities, like energy manipulation. It's fair to say that he's almost unstoppable, due to the strength of his powers and invulnerability.

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