SPX and ICAF team up in 2004

Official Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The International Comic Arts Festival and The SmallPress Expo are proud to announce that in 2004 they will once again beworking together to expand the public awareness of comics and to promotethe unique merits of cartoon storytelling.

SPX, North America's premier alternative comic-book festival, bringstogether more than 200 artists and publishers to meet readers,booksellers, distributors, and each other. ICAF is an internationalconference for scholars, creators, and enthusiasts of comics, includingacademic presentations, chalk talks by distinguished cartoonists, andlectures by scholars from around the globe.

ICAF 2004 will take place from Thursday, September 30 through Saturday,October 2. SPX 2004 will take place from Friday, October 1 throughSunday, October 3.

Past SPX/ICAF collaborations have given audiences opportunities to meetand hear from milestone comics artists such as Love and Rockets creatorsGilbert and Jaime Hernandez and Maus author Art Spiegelman.

"ICAF and SPX have enjoyed a wonderful working relationship in the pastand I'm very much looking forward to working with them in 2004," saidSPX Executive Director Steve Conley.

"We're thrilled to work with SPX once again," said ICAF 2004 ChairCharles Hatfield. "The Expo is a great setting for what we're all about- bringing together scholars and practitioners, and building bridgesbetween American comics and comics from around the world. Together ICAFand SPX have a unique opportunity to encourage an international view ofcomics."

In addition to presentations by renowned comics storytellers, ICAFoffers a mixture of short academic papers and longer keynote speeches.These events form the backbone of ICAF, giving scholars from manycountries a forum to present their work to a diverse audience, andallowing the general public to sample the rich and varied work currentlybeing done in the academic study of comics.

As in past years, ICAF and SPX are coordinating their schedules to allowvisitors to get the most out of both events. All are welcome to attendICAF panels. Admission to ICAF is free, although there is a smallentrance fee for SPX.

ABOUT ICAFThe International Comic Arts Festival is an annual conference dedicatedto promoting the scholarly study of comics. ICAF aims to fosterrecognition of comic art as an international and interdisciplinaryphenomenon, and to encourage collaboration between academics,independent scholars, comics professionals and the wider public. Learnmore about ICAF at their official Web site: http://go.to/icaf

ABOUT SPXCelebrating its tenth year, The SPX is North America's premieralternative comic-book festival. The annual event brings more than 200independent comics creators and publishers and more than 2,000 fanstogether to celebrate the art of drawn storytelling. Read more aboutSPX at their official Web site: http://www.spxpo.com

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