SPX 2004 Anthology Contributors Announced

Official Press Release

SPX and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF) are proud to announce the contributors to this year's SPX Anthology. Published annually by the CBLDF to coincide with the Bethesda, MD small press comix show, the SPX Anthology has become the comics equivalent of serious literary magazines like Granta and the Paris Review. This year's SPX Anthology features the theme of War.

Celebrating its 10th anniversay, SPX serves as the preeminent showcase for the exhibition of independent comic books and the discovery of new creative talent. This year's SPX begins on Friday October 1 and runs until Sunday October 3. SPX is held in downtown Bethesda, MD, just one mile outside the nation's capital, Washington DC.

Contributors and story titles are as follows:

Alex Lukas -- "Building it Up Just to Tear it Down"

Drew Weing -- "Leaflet Drop"

Jamie Tanner -- "War Atrocity Love Song"

Justin Hall -- "Dropping a Bomb"

Jakob Klemencic -- "April Fool's Tale"

Scott White -- "Lost Letter"

Robert Bienvenu -- "Staying in There"

Matt Dembicki -- "Blonds Have More Fun"

Winston Rowntree -- "Untitled"

Federico Reggiani & Angel Mosquito -- "Pray"

Kurt A. Belcher & Philipp S. Neundorf -- "White Death"

Vladan Nikolic -- "Victory"

Bruce Mutard -- "The Holy Kingdom"

Diana Yee -- "Ecaep"

B. Vranken -- "The Sweet War"

Joey Weiser -- "Flight"

Bart Johnson -- "Ratty: The Embittered Vietnam Vet"

Ben Towle -- "Toast"

Jeff Smith -- "Come Back, Colin Powell"

Corinne Mucha -- "War is Just a Card Game.."

J. Chris Campbell -- " Saturday Morning Showdown "

Megan Kelso & Ron Rege -- "Fuck the Troops"

Lonnie Allen -- "U.S.A. War™ Instruction Manual"

Charles Riffenburg IV -- "Leaders & Followers"

Matt Bellisle -- "Underground: Maquis"

Weatherwise -- "Good God, Y'all"

Michael Narren -- "A Brief History of War"

As with every year, all profits from SPX and the SPX Anthology will go to support the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, protecting the First Amendment rights of comic book readers and professionals.

For more info on SPX visit http://www.spxpo.com – For more info on the CBLDF, visit http://www.cbldf.org

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