Spot The Easter Eggs In Marvel & ESPN's College Football Mashups

Marvel Comics is no stranger to the occasional sports-themed promotion (especially when Disney sister company ESPN is involved). And for the fall college football schedule on the sports network, they've cooked up a series of mock covers that both highlight the biggest matchups that get the season underway and pay homage to famous Marvel covers of the past.

For example, for the game between powerhouse programs LSU vs Wisconsin, artist Admira Wijaya crafted an image based on Herb Trimpe's classic "Incredible Hulk" #181 - the first appearance of Wolverine.

And Jack "The King" Kirby got two spotlights with Tom Raney and colorist Rachelle Rosenberg's Oklahoma vs Houston battle based on his Thor Vs. Hercules cover from "Journey Into Mystery" #126. That cover not only inspired Walt Simonson's eventual cover to "Thor" #338 but also Tom Grummett, Wayne Faucher and Chris Sotomayor's take on the hotly anticipated USC vs Alabama matchup.

Check out the final set of covers below and see if you can name the original Marvel Covers that inspired the new art. Here's a hint: Rags Morales and Chris Sotomayor's Notre Dame vs Texas art draws inspiration from John Romita, Jr. Meanwhile, Craig Rousseau and Sotomayor use Todd McFarlane as the inspiration for Auburn vs Clemson's showdown. And Sean Chen and Sotomayor look to Gil Kane for the Ole Miss vs Florida State game.

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