Sportsmen take aim at Bluewater's DeGeneres comic

When last we heard about Bluewater Productions, the publisher was getting bad press for making bad comics and not paying creators. But now it gets to play the Heroic Defenders of a Noble Cause by issuing this press release detailing how the U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance has launched a wave of protests against its biography of Ellen DeGeneres, taking aim at her "lifestyle," which includes being gay and donating a third of the profits from her comic to the U.S. Humane Society.

The gay-bashing seems to have come from individuals, rather than the Sportsmen's Alliance, however; the actual press release on the group's site only bashes the U.S. Humane Society on the grounds that it is a lobbying organization and doesn't actually help lost puppies. And the letter the USSA sent to Bluewater asks the publisher to cut off its relationship with the Humane Society, not to withdraw the comic, as has been reported elsewhere. While it wouldn't be surprising, given the state of the culture wars, that Bluewater did get some nasty hate mail, and some of it may have come from USSA members, the organization itself seems to be more preoccupied with preserving its right to kill animals than telling people how to live.


Anyway, given Bluewater's track record (see the link above about not paying creators), I seriously doubt the U.S. Humane Society is going to be building its next headquarters with the proceeds from this comic.

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