'Spookshow' returns from Cyberosia this October

Official Press Release

[Spookshow]SOMERVILLE, MA ­ July 30, 2003. Cyberosia Publishing officiallyannounced today that it is relaunching SPOOKSHOW, the cult classic indycomic from Ray Fawkes, as a graphic novel this October.

"Zombie spies. With those two simple words, I was sold," said publisherScott O. Brown. "And the intricate story Ray wove certainly helpedmatters along. I don't think comics has quite seen a story like thisyet, and I'm proud to be unleashing it on the medium."

Written and drawn by Ray Fawkes, SPOOKSHOW tells the story of long deadCold War spies systematically being brought back to life. "Espionage,metaphysics, life-after-death, indentured servitude, and the only codedmessage that has ever mattered...that's what this book is about,"explained Ray. "The book itself contains a series of coded messages, allof which can be deciphered by the readers to provide added dimension tothe story. To me, it's an attempt to put together something that'scompelling to read and enjoyable to participate in."

SPOOKSHOW, a black and white, 128 page graphic novel, will be availablethis October, zombies in tow, just in time for Halloween. It will retailfor $12.95 and is available from your local comics retailer with DiamondOrder Code AUG03 2164. Visit http://www.cyberosia.com for a free pdfpreview of the book.

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