[SPOILER'S] Suicide Squad #2 Death Proves Nobody in the DCU is Safe

SPOILER WARNING: The following story contains major spoilers from "Suicide Squad" #2, on sale now.

The Rogues in Central City will be mourning tonight, as the latest issue of DC Comics' "Suicide Squad" by Rob Williams and Jim Lee gave us what appears to be the demise of a longtime member of The Flash's villains roster.

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Yes, it's true -- Digger Harkness, better known as Captain Boomerang, is apparently no more.

On a mission for the Suicide Squad led by Rick Flag, Squad members Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Killer Croc, Katana and Enchantress infiltrate an underwater facility that stores a special cosmic artifact. While the Squad does eventually find their targeted prize -- after picking up new member Hack from inside the facility -- it's much more than they're equipped to handle: a portal to the Phantom Zone. Even worse? The prisoner on the other side is none other than General Zod, who promptly dispatches Boomerang with his heat vision before revealing himself to the rest of the team.


Is it possible Boomerang survived? Sure -- this is the Phantom Zone we're playing with, after all. But the sight of Digger's boots falling over, his feet and smoking calves still in them, is about as decisive a death scene as you're likely to get in comics.

Created by John Broom and Carmine Infantino, Captain Boomerang's first appearance was in 1960, in "Flash" #117. While the character has made many different appearances in the DC Universe, he is perhaps best known for his more recent appearances in "Arrow" season three, played by Nick Tarabay, and the box office smash "Suicide Squad," where he was played by Jai Courtney. Courtney is expected to reprise his role as Captain Boomerang in the 2018 "The Flash" film.


"Suicide Squad" #2 is in stores now.

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