SPOILERS: Lois Lane's "Truth" Comes Out in Yang & Romita Jr's "Superman" #43

The following article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for DC Comics' "Superman" #43.

In "Superman" #43 by Gene Luen Yang and John Romita Jr, we learn the circumstances behind the world learning the "Truth" about Clark Kent. Readers who have been following the "Truth" storyline that kicked off in DC Comics' Free Comic Book Day 2015 issue, where Superman's secret identity was known to the public, have been told that Lois Lane is the culprit behind the outing -- but not why.

Today's issue will leave you wondering no more. After telling Clark she has decided to keep his secret in the first half of the book, Lois has a tough call to make by the issue's end: save Clark from the clutches of Hordr_Root, the storyline's information-leveraging super villain, or leave him to their blackmail. When push came to shove, Lois went with what she perceived as the lesser of two evils and released his identity online, telling him, "You're free." By outing him to the public, she effectively released Hordr_Root's hold on him. She didn't win herself any favors with Clark, though, and he tells her as much as he flees into the night with General Lane in pursuit at the end of the issue.

In an interview with CBR, Yang and Romita shared how the "Truth" arc is inspired by Edward Snowden and the WikiLeaks scandal, illustrating how the slow burn of the truth is vitally relevant to today's storytellers. The writer also explained that no one is safe from said storytellers.

"Superman" #43 is currently available at retailers and online.

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