[SPOILERS] Joins the Batman Family in "Superman" #5

This article contains major spoilers for "Superman" #5, on sale now.

Much like Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason's run on "Batman and Robin," the family dynamic is central to DC Comics' new "Superman" series. The inaugural arc re-integrating the pre-"Flashpoint" Superman, Lois Lane and their son Jon into the new Rebirth universe finds Lois and Clark not only struggling with how to raise and protect their child, but also fighting against a foe targeting father and son due to their Kryptonian heritage in an attempt to reunite them with the remnants of their people.

But as good as the family aspect of the series are, the best moments of "Superman" #5 stem from the genius of Batman, who doesn't even appear in this issue.

Batman's Other Batcave

Last issue ended with Superman hauling Lois and Jon to the moon to get them away from the Eradicator; in last week's "Action Comics" #961, Superman had Wonder Woman take Lois and Jon to the moon to get them away from Doomsday.

And while it may already be time to retire this hideout (the Eradicator finds them in record time), the revelation that Batman keeps a Batcave on the moon is undeniably badass.

Batman. Keeps. A Batcave. On. The moon.

And, it actually gets better. But more on that in a bit.

With Jon manifesting powers, the question of his development as a hero and his role in his own safety becomes urgent. Jon, of course, wants to fight bad guys, as any kid would; Clark is not ready for him "to step into that world." Lois, perhaps surprisingly, argues that Jon "has to be made ready to handle himself," and that he needs Superdad "to be his Obi-Wan."

After Clark is seemingly downed by the Eradicator, it's Lois that steps up to teach Jon how it's done. The boy puts up a brave but doomed fight while Mom scours the Moon Batcave for something she can use. And she does -- the Hellbat armor Batman recently used on his excursion to Apokalips to retrieve his son Damien's body.

DC needs to greenlight a "Lois Lane, Hellbat" ongoing series right now.

Kindred Spirits

Jon and Bat-Lois' heroic turns come after the Eradicator successfully absorbs Superman and begins feeding off his energy -- more potent than the other Kryptonian souls, because Superman is still alive.

But Clark strikes a deal with the spirits to fight back, lending him their power and deprive their foe of energy. Bursting from Eradicator's mouth, Superman is back in action.

As we said at the start, family is central to this series, and the final pages drive that point home. After all, even his ancestors are getting in on the Superman Family action.

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