SPOILERS: "Harley Quinn" (Violently!) Ends One Relationship, Confirms Another

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for "Harley Quinn" #25.

Harley Quinn isn't always lucky in love in Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Chad Hardin's "Harley Quinn" #25, but that doesn't mean her love life doesn't have its bright spots.

The latest chapter of Harley's solo adventures takes her back to Arkham Asylum in an attempt to rescue her current beau, Mason -- but that only puts her back in the Joker's crosshairs. As pleased as the Joker is to see her, however, their encounter ends a lot more bloodily than he anticipated.

With a little help from Poison Ivy, Harley breaks into Arkham in order to break Mason out. The Joker complicates things right from the get-go, however, by outing her identity to two Arkham guards, and attempting to turn Mason on her. Once those issues are resolved, things get even more messy, as the Joker is stationed right next to Mason's cell.

After several attempts to woo her into letting him out, Harley steps into her former beau's cell to talk, where things quickly get violent after she refuses to free him. Though they're pretty evenly matched, Harley manages to get the upper hand on Joker when he kisses her, tearing off a chunk of his lip with her teeth. The confrontation ends with Harley having the upper hand, pressing the barrel of a gun to Joker's head -- but she never pulls the trigger.

"I finally get why Batman never just killed you all these years," she tells him. "It would give you exactly whatcha want."

The Joker isn't the only ex-lover Harley encounters this issue, but the other situation is much more upbeat -- and possibly even more of a fan-pleaser. Harley reconnects with Poison Ivy, and the two have a flirty exchange that places their oft-teased sexual relationship firmly in canon. "Y'mean ya love me?" Harley asks while the two are . "Awwwww...I got goosebumps! Wanna feel 'em?"

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"We both know where that leads, and you don't have time for that," Poison Ivy shoots back with a smile. Though the two have never been explicitly confirmed as a couple, the exchange proves once again that their friendship has some benefits.

"Harley Quinn" #25 is on sale now.

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