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SPOILERS: Fear the Walking Dead S2 Finale’s Biggest Moments

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SPOILERS: Fear the Walking Dead S2 Finale’s Biggest Moments

Stubbornly refusing to be overshadowed by a presidential debate, AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead” aired its final two episodes back to back Sunday, Oct. 2. Those who watched the finale can check out our recap and review here. And for anyone who DVRed the episodes, but need your spoiler fixes, we’ve listed the three biggest reveals below. Enjoy!

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Chris is dead.

He’s been one of the show’s most despised characters for a while now, his once run-of-the-mill teenage angst eventually giving way to aggression and homicidal tendencies. But we were still sad to see the guy go. For one, his transition to being a killer actually felt earned. Although his threats towards Alicia in the midseason finale were jarring at first, last week’s explanation of how Travis’ overly pacifistic parenting led to Chris’ evolving ruthlessness really hit home. And the fact that “FTWD” did a great job of giving him vulnerable and even fun moments with his siblings made his demise all the more tragic.

So how did it happen? It turns out that he and the San Diebros he left the farm with didn’t get far. Their truck flipped, and Chris broke his leg. Viewing him as dead weight, his two travelers shot him in the head without even giving him a proper burial. Pretty sad stuff. At least his father got some revenge. Speaking of which…

Travis kills the two remaining San Diebros.

After they show up at the hotel, Travis refuses to believe their story about Chris dying in the car accident. He’d already seen them off another one of their friends after he got injured, and when the details of their story begin to get inconsistent, Travis Hulks-out and strangles, bludgeons and stomps them to death. Worst of all, he ends up killing an innocent person from the hotel who tries to stop him. Then, when the others try to kill Travis, Alicia stabs someone in the chest, forcing her, Travis and Madison (but not Strand) to hit the road once again.

Alejandro isn’t actually immune to the lethality of a zombie bite.

That was a bit obvious from the get-go, but at least he uses the opportunity of getting bit to send his people away with Nick so he can stay behind and dispatch of Colonia’s enemies. When the grocery store gang descends upon the abandoned village, he uses his last bit of strength to drive the school bus away from the fence, over-running the place with the horde beyond the gate and killing the invaders.

Of course, some other stuff happened, too, including Ofelia getting captured in the desert and many of the Colonia survivors getting gunned down at the border. Nick survives the season, though he, along with an injured Luciana, is now in the hands of the American military.

That’s all until next season. In what direction do you think the show is headed? Let us know in the comments.

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