Spoiler-Filled Panel Reveals "The Flash" Speeding Towards Big Changes As Season Finale Draws Near

The possible debut of Wally West in live action was only the tip of the iceberg from this weekend's "The Flash" panel at PaleyFest. Aside from the previously circulated word that the future Kid Flash is on the table for Season 2 of The CW's DC Comics drama, the creators and stars of the hit show also teased a wave of news about how Season 1 will end including the fates of the Reverse Flash, Iris West and the timestream itself.

Collider has a report up from the proceedings, and a brief Q&A with the "Flash" crew, about where things are going next. Surprising no one, a major focus of the back half of Season 1 will be the relationship between Barry Allen and Harrison Wells, AKA the Reverse Flash. Barry will begin to investigate his mentor's role in his mother's death after the clues dropped in the mid-season finale, but that's not all.

Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg said that as part of the answers in the wings, viewers will get an explanation for a recent scene in which it seemed that the yellow-suited supervillain was beating up on his own alter ego.

In other revelations, a major turning point for Iris West will come when she discovers the secret Barry and her father have been hiding from her. "I was hoping that she would eventually find out, and she will, before the season is over. That changes things," star Grant Gustin said.

Iris herself, Candice Patton, added: "I think she's one of those girls who says it like it is. So, anything she finds out, she will confront people with, immediately." The panel also teased that the identity of Iris' mother will become a key part of the character's development in the future.

Meanwhile, Kreisberg teased that the future of the show holds more playing with the timestream and that any changes made in the past will have a drastic impact on the relationships of the characters in the present. Time travel has been a longtime fixture of the "Flash" comics, and while no one on the panel went so far as to say whether elements of the mythos like the cosmic treadmill would be worked in, the producer did say that the creative team will adapt a fairly major storyline from the comics in the near future.

And for fans of the entire CW DC universe, look forward to more crossovers with "Arrow" as the series continues to develop. "I really did want to see Detective Lance and Detective West together, which we're actually doing in an upcoming episode," Kreisberg revealed. "That's been really fun. Every time we cross the shows over, it just feels like that feeling you get when you read a comic book where you're like, 'Oh, Batgirl is hanging out with Supergirl.' It's so much fun to see people together. Any time we can think of anything, it's always fun."

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