[Spoiler] Chooses A Surprising Side in "Civil War II: X-Men" #1

This article contains spoilers for "Civil War II: X-Men" #1, which is in stores now

Following the kick-off of Marvel's "Civil War II" event in previous weeks, the X-Men's tie-in mini-series from Cullen Bunn and Andrea Broccardo released its first issue and revealed just how the new war's inciting events have affected the mutants. Ulysses, the young Inhuman that has been gifted with the ability to profile the future, plays a large role in the issue's story despite not appearing in the issue. After Storm's team of "Extraordinary" X-Men learn that Magneto's team will be killed by the Terrigen Mists and a squad of Sentinels in Dubai, the former team rushes in to save the latter. But once the Mists are repelled and the Sentinels are defeated, both Monet and Psylocke -- the resident telepaths on Magneto's team -- learn just how Storm's X-Men were alerted to their situation in advance.

Magneto learns that the Inhumans now have one in their midst that can predict the future and, seeing as how the Inhumans have done nothing to stop the spread of the Mists, he takes Ulysses' existence as a threat. Storm tries to convince Magneto that the Inhumans and Ulysses are their allies, and that there's still too little known about the Terrigen Mists to take extreme action. The two teams part on tense terms.

As Storm's team wonders if they should alert the Inhumans to Magneto's possible threat, the Master of Magnetism and his X-Men plot their next move while in their Savage Land headquarters. But their planning is interrupted when a surprise guest arrives.

Nightcrawler teleports into Magneto's headquarters and reveals that he shares Magneto's worry. This is a telling move for Kurt Wagner, especially since this is the first issue since the launch of All-New, All-Different Marvel last fall that sees the character acting more like his old self. In Jeff Lemire's "Extraordinary X-Men," Nightcrawler has been a quiet, shellshocked version of his former self. This issue sees Kurt engaging in combat and reminiscing with his old teammate Psylocke. This could be an indicator that upcoming events in "Extraordinary X-Men" will see Nightcrawler regain some of what he lost -- just in time to possibly switch sides for this civil war.

"Civil War II: X-Men" #2 drops on July 6.

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