'Splinter Cell' Director Aiming to Make a 'Younger' Movie

Doug Liman will kill Tom Cruise over and over and over again in this weekend's sci-fi action blockbuster Edge of Tomorrow. The film centers on a soldier fighting a future war against invading aliens, but every time he dies, he starts the day all over again.

The premise has a video game quality to it, but it's just the tip of the iceberg for Liman, as he's set to direct Splinter Cell, an adaptation of the Ubisoft video game of the same name. The movie sees The Dark Knight Rises and Locke actor Tom Hardy occupying the role of Sam Fisher, the highly skilled spy at the heart of the series.

"I’m working on the script with Tom Hardy," Liman told IGN. “I think we have a great take on how to make an awesome film out of that.”

But Liman says that fans of the games can expect some changes between the game and the film.

“Everything about Splinter Cell will be younger," he revealed. "It’s a chance to come up with a new franchise that is fresher and newer and younger, and Tom Hardy is such an incredible actor.”

The Splinter Cell movie is expected to arrive at some point in 2015.

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