Spike stars in his own "Angel: After The Fall" spin-off series

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San Diego, CA (March 18, 2008)-Angel: After the Fall, the continuing adventures of Joss Whedon's Angel that occur after Season Five of the TV series, has been a runaway hit for IDW Publishing. Its first four issues have all sold out: Issue #1 is on its 4th printing (in stores on March 26); issue #2 second printing is in stores now; issue #3 second printing will be in stores on March 5; and issue #4, which came out on February 21, has sold out and a second printing is headed to stores on April 2.

"The fact that Angel: After the Fall has moved so steadily with each issue has been incredibly gratifying," said IDW's Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall. "Most amazing is the fact that we've printed more of each subsequent issue than the previous one, and have overprinted to a greater degree than usual, and still the issues keep selling out. The sell-outs are quite a testament to the support from retailers and the loyal fan base alike."

Not content to maintain the status quo, however, IDW Publishing is expanding the stories told in this universe with special interlude issues, an all-new spin-off miniseries, and new artistic help to continue the title, too.

Issues 6, 7, and 8 begin a special three-part "stories-within-the-story" adventure, "First Night." These issues feature multiple stories featuring Angel's large cast of characters, as fans finally get a chance to see just how the apocalyptic fight in the alley that concluded the television series affected each character. Issue 6 looks at Spike (featuring art by David Messina), Connor (art by Stephen Mooney) and Lorne (art by industry legend John Byrne). All the stories in this issue and the next two will also feature a framing sequence featuring Betta George (the breakout star of the Spike: Asylum miniseries), illustrated by Tim Kane.

Issue 7, featuring a wraparound cover by Rebecca A. Wrigley and a special variant cover by Mike Oeming, looks at Wesley (art by Nick Runge) and also features the surprise return of a long-absent character from the Whedonverse. The concluding "First Night" tales in issue 8 feature Gwen (art by Fabio Mantovani), the effect on LA being thrust into hell on the city's denizens (art by Kevyn Schmidt) and a heart-wrenching tale of Gunn's fate (art by Mirco Pierfederici).

Issue 9 picks up with the shocking cliffhanger at the end of issue 5, and features an all-new art team, Nick Runge and Art Lyon. Issues 8 and 9 will ship bi-weekly in June, too.

Finally, spinning out of the events of his story in "First Night," Spike will be getting his own miniseries debuting in July, Spike: After the Fall, written and illustrated by the Team that Joss Whedon hand-picked to handle Angel: After the Fall, Brian Lynch and Franco Urru. This special four-part series beginning in July takes Spike from the events in "First Night" and explores his changing relationship with Illyria in the new city, and answers many questions, foremost of which has been "how did Spike end up taking over a certain mansion in Westwood?" Spike: After the Fall debuts in July '08.


Angel: After the Fall #1 Fourth Printing: DEC07 8174

Angel: After the Fall #2 Second Printing: NOV07 8120

Angel: After the Fall #3 Second Printing: DEC07 8118

Angel: After the Fall #4 Second Printing: JAN08 8161


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