Spielberg Has Discussed Future Of <i>Jurassic Park</i> With <i>Thor</i> Writer

At least some of us were saddened when Sam Neill closed the door on any possibility of another Jurassic Park movie. Well perk up, sad sacks, because Neill's word may not be the last we'll hear of the franchise built on the late Michael Crichton's novel about a theme park filled with science-resurrected dinosaurs. Director Steven Spielberg has been seeing a lot of the extinct animals lately as his upcoming TV series Terra Nova comes together. That's a good thing, as it's gotten him thinking about all those good times he had back in the day on the Jurassic Park set.

It's apparently reached a point that Spielberg has met with writer Mark Protosevich (Thor) to talk about where the series could go next, The Hollywood Reporter reveals. The only worrisome thing about this is that THR specifically uses the word "re-boot" to describe what the two have been discussing. This sums up my response to taking the reboot approach rather eloquently.

Don't do it, Steven. We want more dinos, but we don't want to see the same story told in a different way. Then again, as long as you bring Sam Neill back we're all good.

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