Spidey's Big Day: 40.4 Million On Wednesday

The question before "Spider-Man 2" hit screen on Wednesday wasn't if the sequel would match the success of the first film, rather the question was how much better it would do? With expectations set that high, it would have been easy to disappoint, but your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man would never let down the public, would he?

According to Box Office Mojo, "Spider-Man 2" took in an impressive $40.4 million dollars on Wednesday alone. Not only is this a new record for biggest opener on a Wednesday, besting "The Lord of the Ring: The Return of the King," it's also a new record for biggest opening day ever, besting the previous title holder, you guessed it, "Spider-Man," which brought in $39.4 million on May 3rd, 2002.

The best single day ever record is held by "Shrek 2," which posted $44.8 Million on its first Saturday. That's a record that could still be eclipsed by the Web Slinger's performance in the coming days, especially when you consider the approaching Fourth of July holiday weekend.

For the year, "Shrek 2" leads the pack for total domestic receipts at just over $400 million, which places it at #6 on the all-time leader board. The question now is will "Spider-Man 2" resonate with audiences the same way the first film does and surpass the incredible success already seen by "Shrek 2."

Reviews for "Spider-Man 2" have been overwhelmingly positive so far, according to review tracking Web site Rotten Tomatoes. The film is scoring a 94% approval rating at press time.

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