Spidey tries the samurai look in Tamashii Nations' Manga Realization line

Following up on their Movie Realization line of acclaimed "Star Wars" figures, Tamashii Nations is exploring a Manga Realization line -- kicking it off with a samurai-influenced take on Spider-Man.

Packaged with two blades, a few sets of web-slinging hands, and a grappling hook and line, the highly-articulated samurai Spidey figure comes from a design by Takayuki Takeya, the designer of Tamashii's "Star Wars" toys.

As of now, the figure is only being sold in Japan, this August. If/when the figure hits the U.S., it'll likely be priced around $90.

Take a look at some detailed pics of the Tamashii Nations' Spider-Man figure below:

(via ComicsAlliance)

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