Spidey & MJ's Final Fate Revealed?

Since Marvel Comics' "One More Day" story line hit the life of the publisher's friendly neighborhood (and single) Spider-Man, fans have been asking for follow up tales involving Mary Jane Watson. From readers who wanted the marriage between the red-headed super model and Peter Parker reestablished to those who wanted more specifics on the deal that saw the devilish Mephisto take the union away, the fervor around the controversial story has not gone away over two years of single Spider-Man "Brand New Day" tales.

Today, the publisher rang in the new year by debuting a new teaser image that hints they'll be dealing with the issue head on in 2010. After three early images featuring characters like Araña, Madame Web and supporting player/possible love interest Carly Cooper debuted over the course of the week, Marvel released the following puzzle piece:

A Mary Jane ready for the alter definitely foreshadows some kind of story revolving around the "One More Day" events and the fate of Spider-Man's marriage, though the complete image (seen below) gives no indication as to when or where such a story will appear in 2010.

Check back to CBR as soon as more info about the future of "Amazing Spider-Man" becomes available!

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