10 Spider-Man Villains That Should Be In The New Films (And 10 That Shouldn't)

With the upcoming release of Spider-Man: Far From Home, fans may finally get to see Mysterio on screen for the first time ever. While that has not been fully confirmed, there have been plenty of hints at the fact that Jake Gyllenhaal will be playing Quentin Beck, a former stuntman and special effects wizard who turns to a life of crime; no word yet on whether his costume will include the fishbowl helmet, but we have our fingers crossed that it does. This inclusion of a classic Spider-Man villain in the new film begs the question: what other Spider-Man villains could be making their way on the big screen to fight the wall-crawler in the future?

Not all Spider-Man villains are created equal, which means that there are some that fans might rather not have in the new films. While there should be some classic villains included in the new films, there are others that could be left behind, and it would be for the better. After all, Spider-Man has an impressive roster of villains, and even though some of them have appeared in other Spider-Man films, there's no reason not to integrate them into the new features. There are plenty of opportunities to tell stories about villains that Peter Parker has had a personal connection to that would put them a step above most of the others in the MCU. As Michael Keaton's Vulture proved, when you give the villain a personality and a realistic motivation, the film ends up being that much better for it. With that being said, here are 10 Spider-Man Villains That Should Be In The New Films (And 10 That Shouldn't).


Doctor Octopus

Dr. Otto Octavius, also known as Doctor Octopus, is one of the most classic Spider-Man villains ever. Driven mad by the fusion of four metal arms to his body, Doctor Octopus swears revenge against Spider-Man. He's even made an on-screen appearance in the film Spider-Man 2, where he was played by Alfred Molina.

Doc Ock would be a great addition to the new series of Spider-Man films. He could easily fit in as an employee of Tony Stark whose ideas are firmly rejected. He might even be a scientist that Peter admires. After all, the best Spider-Man villains are the ones that Peter Parker has a personal connection to, making it harder for him to confront them in a fight.


Sandman may be one of the original Spider-Man villains, but there's just no reason to try and adapt him to the screen for a second time. Flint Marko is purely a criminal, without much of a tragic past, which makes him somewhat of a bland character. At least, that was the case on the page.

In film, however, Sandman was given a much deeper backstory in Sam Raimi's otherwise messy Spider-Man 3. Ably played by Thomas Haden Church, this version of Sandman had an ailing daughter, which was the reason he had to turn to crime. Even his retconned inclusion in what happened to Uncle Ben showed that he was a man with regrets, and that kind of story can't be recreated.


Electro-vs-Spider-Man Cropped

As far as Spider-Man villains go, Electro is one of the most popular and challenging to the Webslinger. Not only does he have the ability to control electricity, giving him a dangerous advantage in battle, he also has a personal score against Spider-Man. Electro has had many different looks over the years, but his abilities, attitude, and penchant for crime have stayed the same.

There are plenty of ways to adapt this classic villain for the new Spider-Man Universe (just don't have him be weirdly obsessed with Spider-Man or have him gain his powers from electric eels, as seen in The Amazing Spider-Man 2). A new version of Electro could be like The Dark Knight's Joker, a man who only wants to commit crimes and can't be understood by Spider-Man.


We already know that Jared Leto is set to play Morbius in his own standalone film, which means the vampire could eventually show up in the Spider-Man films, but should he? After all, Morbius has never been one of the top-tier Spider-Man villains and he's much more at home fighting Blade.

Besides, the tonal shift of introducing Morbius to the brighter and generally more fun Spider-Man films would be far too much. Knowing that Jared Leto would pour himself into the role means that his acting style would probably conflict with everyone else's. Besides, it would be hard to market a film about Spider-Man fighting a vampire to a casual moviegoing audience.


Mr. Negative

Mister Negative is fairly new to the Spider-Man canon, but that doesn't make him any less of an indelible villain. Martin Li, the alter-ego of Mister Negative, is a good man who runs the F.E.A.S.T. shelter. He is kind-hearted, charitable, and giving, the exact opposite of Mister Negative, who is hungry for power and aims to become the new Kingpin in New York.

Mister Negative is perfect for the new Spider-Man films. Not only does he reflect the corruption that can take over even the best of people, but he has a personal connection to Spider-Man because Aunt May volunteers at his shelter. A story involving Mister Negative could see Spider-Man battling his own worst impulses in order to save the day.


Spot is another villain from Spider-Man's early days, but that doesn't make him an important fixture of the Spider-Man canon. Aside from having the same name as a dog that people like to see run, Spot is just too silly overall, looking like a man in a Dalmatian suit who somehow commits crimes without drawing attention to himself.

Aside from his appearance, even Spot's powers are kind of out there. Being able to create portals that are perfect black circles is basically operating on cartoon logic. While the Spider-Man films know how to stretch reality, there's no way they could get away with including a villain whose power looks like it came from a Roadrunner cartoon.



Tombstone has been working against Spider-Man ever since his first appearance in Web of Spider-Man #36. The hoodlum, who was picked on at an early age for his appearance, cuts an imposing figure. That's exactly why people stopped making fun of him in the first place: he suddenly knew that he was a threat.

Tombstone could easily be included in the new Spider-Man films as a stand-in for another villain who most likely won't be included: Kingpin. Since Wilson Fisk is already involved with the world of Marvel TV, Tombstone could take his place as the major crime boss of the Spider-Man movies.


Hammerhead Cropped

While Tombstone would be a great addition to the Spider-Man films, Hammerhead would just be too much. There's really only room for one hoodlum with an over-the-top nickname. Besides, Hammerhead is defined by something really silly: his big ol' head. Beyond that, it would be hard to include him because of one other element...

After Hammerhead is critically injured in a fight, his head is implanted with an unbreakable metal: adamantium. As any Marvel film fan knows, adamantium exists in the X-Men world and, therefore, doesn't have a place in any MCU films, yet. Sure, they could use vibranium, but it would just be easier to skip Hammerhead altogether.


Venom tongue Eddie Brock

With Venom doing very well at the box office, and plans for a sequel already in motion, it would be a real bummer if Venom and Spider-Man never met up in the films. After all, they are mortal enemies in the comic books (even if they do sometimes end up working together). So, why not cross them over in the films?

Eddie Brock could move to New York to work on writing a huge expose on Spider-Man. However, when the Venom symbiote detects something that is stronger than itself, it goes into an instinctive self-defense mode and decides to put an end to Spider-Man. However, maybe a larger threat forces Spidey and Venom to work together.



While Venom could be included in the new Spider-Man films, Carnage should probably be left entirely out of the picture. Why? Well, it has to do with the fact that Carnage is a certifiable, over-the-top villain who is far too callous and spooky for the on-screen world of Spider-Man.

Even though Venom and Spider-Man teaming up to stop another threat might seem like it would include Carnage, the thought of putting him in a movie playing opposite Tom Holland's Spider-Man just seems like it wouldn't work at all. Carnage is inherently a menace and might be too tonally different for a Spider-Man film.



The Chameleon might be another B-list Spider-Man villain, but that doesn't mean that he couldn't be included in one of the new films, even if he was just utilized as a secondary villain. The idea that Chameleon can look like any other person would add an interesting mystery wrinkle to a Spider-Man film.

The Chameleon could come about as someone who steals cloaking technology from Stark or even Oscorp (more on that later). Then, maybe his talents for impersonation are noticed by a larger criminal, who decides to use the Chameleon for his own means. The Chameleon could then turn on that villain and go out on his own, becoming the big bad for the film's finale.


Rhino is another classic Spider-Man villain that the Webslinger has faced and defeated many times before. His distinctive look and fury toward Spider-Man make him a great villain on the page, but he should probably just never be adapted to the films. Why? Again, it has to do with how silly Rhino really is.

Look at the last attempt to bring the villain to the screen. In the Amazing Spider-Man 2, Rhino had to be a criminal who ends up using a giant mechanical suit. Sure, it's less silly than his outfit in the comics, but because of that, it was also completely pointless. Rhino would also have to be a secondary villain since he is often utilized as someone else's henchman.



While he's not exactly a household name, Alistair Smythe has been trying to take down Spider-Man for years, even dubbing himself the “Spider-Slayer.” Smythe actually did appear in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, where he was played by Office alum B. J. Novak, but that shouldn't stop the new films from including him.

Alistair Smythe could be included in the films as a man who wants to harness Spider-Man's power for less-than-virtuous reasons (such as military applications). Maybe one of his creations, which could become the Spider-Slayer robots, is stopped by Spider-Man and results in Smythe's dismissal. Later, he attempts to give himself the power and becomes the “Spider-Slayer.”


Hydro-Man is sort of like the B-List Sandman. Sure, he was a fixture of the Spider-Man animated show, but that was only because they couldn't use Sandman. Hydro-Man is a little bit redundant when you think about it. Flint Marko can alter his molecular structure to control sand, while Morris Bench does the same to control liquids.

Hydro-Man also, once again, does not have enough of a personal connection to Spider-Man to make him a viable foe for the movies. He is not enough of a known villain to be one of the main characters and he would be too CGI-heavy to justify as a secondary villain. The best thing to do is just leave him out of the mix entirely.


Scorpion Mac Gargan

Mac Gargan, also known as Scorpion, is a perfect villain for Spider-Man. After all, both of them take their powers and abilities from arachnids. Scorpion has always been a big part of Spider-Man's story and remains one of his most well-known and dangerous foes. Scorpion has taken on many forms, but could (and might) be easily brought into the Spider-Man films.

In a post-credits scene showing Adrian Toomes in jail, he is stopped by one of the other inmates, who is none other than Mac Gargan. Gargan tells Toomes that a group of people are teaming up to stop Spider-Man. If that wasn't enough of a hint that Scorpion could appear in future films, Gargan's neck is even adorned with a scorpion tattoo.


Let's just be straight up about this: Freak is unsightly. Not only that, but he is an incredibly minor villain, appearing only to be a supporting character that helps other villains in their plan to defeat the Webslinger. Freak is nothing more than a weird addition to the family of Spider-Man villains.

Aside from being a minor villain, Freak is just too spooky to appear in the new Spider-Man films. Because the focus of these new movies has been heavily focused on technology rather than mutations or other biological elements, Freak would just stick out like a sore thumb. Plus, no one would really know who he is.



The Lizard already had one on-screen appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man, but that storyline, as well as the character, were so poorly constructed that the Lizard is due for a do-over. Dr. Curt Connors' story is too good to pass up, and maybe this time, they could actually give him his lizard snout, instead of making him look like a scaly Voldemort.

Putting Dr. Connors in the MCU and the Spider-Man Universe would be a great way to do a huge callback to the very beginning of the MCU. Maybe, Connors lost his arm during the attack on Stark's military motorcade in Iron Man and, after he becomes the Lizard, he seeks revenge on Stark and his entire corporation.


Kraven The Hunter may be a classic Spider-Man foe, and he may be pretty cool in his own way, but the hard truth is that there just isn't that much to him. He wants to prove himself the world's greatest hunter by taking down Spider-Man and... That's it. There's no other motive to his actions.

Kraven simply wants to best Spider-Man and wants to show the world that he is stronger, faster, and a better fighter than Spidey is. What's compelling about that? Why would audiences connect with someone who has so little personal motivation against the Webslinger? While he might be fine as a secondary or even tertiary character, Kraven could never hold the top spot.



The Green Goblin is Spider-Man's greatest opponent for more reasons than one. Not only is he a formidable foe, putting Spidey's strength, resilience, and mental fortitude to the test, but he is also Norman Osborn, the father of Peter Parker's best friend, Harry Osborn. This adds a complicating factor to their adversarial dynamic.

If Norman were to be added to the new Spider-Man Universe, it would be a great way to build on the relationship between Peter and Tony. Maybe, Peter begins to admire a new industrialist scientist, one whose ambitions fall into a morally grey area that contrasts with Tony's beliefs. It would be a great conflict to the father-son dynamic that is developing between Tony and Peter.


The Hobgoblin may be a famous Spidey villain, but the fact of the matter is that his history is so convoluted and varied that it would be hard to nail down just why this villain would be so important to include in the grander Spider-Man Cinematic Universe. After all, Hobgoblin is really just the lesser goblin.

What's really lacking with the Hobgoblin is that personal connection to Peter Parker. That's why the Green Goblin is so perfect as his arch-nemesis. Peter doesn't want to have to fight his best friend's father, but he is given no choice. The stakes are much higher when there is inner, as well as outer, conflict.

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