Who Is Spidergeddon’s Mystery Spider-Man? We Have Some Theories

Marvel Comics recently released an image teasing the cast of Spider-Men likely to star in the company’s upcoming Spidergeddon event. Many of those Spider-Men are long-time favorites, including Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen and, of course, Earth-616’s own Spider-Man, Peter Parker, with a few more obscure Web-Slingers to round out the cast, like a Spider-Man tsum tsum. But the image itself is not whole. There are 15 Spider-Men featured in the teaser art, but one is blacked out -- a mystery.

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Speculation about the identity of the fifth Spider-Man has been rampant, with the natural assumption being that the last character has not been revealed for story reasons. Spidergeddon is still a way off (the event won’t kick off until late this year) and anything could happen in the Spider-Verse between now and then, but that’s hardly a reason to keep from our own rampant speculation. After all, that mystery Spider-Man could be anyone, so it’s best to consider everyone -- even the crazy guesses.

So, who is Spidergeddon’s mysterious Wall-Crawler? Let’s get to speculating.

Ultimate Spider-Man

The Ultimate universe’s Spider-Man only just took up the mantle of Web-Slinger again a few years ago. Since then, the alternate-reality version of Peter Parker has kept a relatively low profile. Ultimate Spider-Man didn’t play a big role in Spider-Verse, the precursor to Spidergeddon, so maybe this will be where he makes his big comeback.

The reemergence of Ultimate Spider-Man would also paint a picture for the character’s future. These days, the de facto Ultimate Spider-Man is Miles Morales, who was recently recruited into Leonardo da Vinci's new S.H.I.E.L.D. team. Perhaps Miles' job recreating the government agency from the ground up will leave the door open for the Ultimate universe's version of Peter Parker to take a more central role again. Maybe the push Peter needs is a little taste of Spidergeddon...

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