"Spider-Woman" and "Silk" Enter "Secret Wars" in New Tie-Ins

At the Women of Marvel panel Saturday during Atlantic City Boardwalk Con, word came of a pair of new "Secret Wars" tie-ins featuring Marvel's biggest female web-slingers.

Writer Robbie Thompson and artist Tana Ford will be pushing Cindy Moon towards he last days in "Silk" #7. The synopsis for the issue reads,

"SECRET WARS takes its toll on Silk, as she experiences her LAST DAYS. As the sky literally falls, will Cindy Moon find her family?"

Meanwhile, Spider-Woman faces some final days of her own in "Spider-Woman" #10. Dennis Hopeless wrote the issue and Natacha Bustos provided art. The synopsis teases that Spider-Woman and her unlikely travel buddies will be heading to Texas:

THE LAST DAYS OF SPIDER-WOMANSpider-Woman's roadtrip across the country continues, as she pays a visit to THE ALAMO! Not even Spider-Woman and her RAGTAG CREW OF BEN URICH AND THE PORCUPINE are safe from SECRET WARS, though.

Below, check out the cover art for the issues by Dave Johnson and Javier Rodriguez, respectively. Stay tuned for more coverage of ACBC and the Women of Marvel panel discussion.

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