Spider-Verse Trailer Features A Japanese Spider-Man Easter Egg

The recently released trailer for Into the Spider-Verse was jam-packed with gorgeous detail, fantastic dialogue and larger hints at what the movie actually is about, but there's one Easter egg right at the start of the trailer which you might have missed, even though it may serve as something of a Chekhov's Gun.

In the first few seconds of the trailer, we see Miles Morales close a notebook and take it off his drawing table before packing it under his bag. A nice character moment, establishing his age and interests, but it's the sketch underneath the notebook that's really intriguing.

That isn't just any giant robot; it's Leopardon, the giant robot used by Supaidāman in the Japanese Spider-Man television show produced by Toei which ran from 1978 and 1979. Toei's interpretation on Spider-Man was a radically different take and featured a much more tokusatsu approach to the wall-crawler.

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Leopardon may look like the giant robots you're familiar with from other toskusatsu properties such as Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, and with good reason. He was Toei's first, and following the end of Spider-Man, Toei began using giant robots in its Super Sentai franchise, which was then exported to the West as Power Rangers.

Given that the film is called Into The Spider-Verse and we've seen that Peter and Miles aren't alone in the film, we may actually see a version of Supaidāman and Leopardon in the movie. They made an appearance in the comic event of the same name, after all, where they were recruited to join the fight against The Inheritors.

While it's unlikely the scope of the Spider-Verse film will be quite as large as the comic, a cameo appearance from the emissary from Hell and his trusty robot companion would be more than welcome.

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