Spider-Verse Reveals the Surprising Identity of Spider-Zero

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Spider-Verse #1 by Jed MacKay, Juan Frigeri, Carlos Lopez, Stacey Lee, Arthur Adams, Federico Blee, James Harren, Dave Stewart, Dike Ruan, Sheldon Vella and VC's Joe Sabino, on sale now.

Thanks to the box office and award-winning success of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, fans young and old are now familiar with the many members of the Spider-Man Family Tree who are not named Peter Parker. Miles Morales proved a fanbase is hungry to follow the adventures of Spider men and women of all backgrounds, with the Marvel Comics publisher providing more opportunities for these heroes to get the spotlight in a new Spider-Verse miniseries.

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Similar to Into the Spider-Verse, this new number one issue pulls Miles throughout Marvel's various alternate dimensions via the Web of Life and Destiny, which was thought to be destroyed in the Spider-Geddon event series. However, it has miraculously returned thanks to Annie May Parker, Spiderling from Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows. The person to relay this information to Miles is a new Spider hero named Spider-Zero, who acts as a tour guide to each and every alternate Earth.

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It's not until the final pages of Spider-Verse #1 that Spider-Zero's identity is finally revealed. After hopping to five different Earths, a girl much younger than Miles introduces herself as the mysterious Spider-Zero, urging for his help to save the Web of Life and Destiny.

Spider-Zero is decked out in an oversized jacket with a backward cap sitting atop her head. Her Spider costume has the familiar red and webbing on it, but switches out the blue for a bright green. Spider-Zero also has a pet spider that follows her around and sits on her shoulder, which also keeps her color pattern.

This new young hero tells Miles Morales that Annie May Parker has gone missing. The reason Spider-Zero knows this is because just as Spiderling was selected to make the Web, she was selected to be at its center, in order to watch and take care of it. Annie May's disappearance has thus caused the Web of Life and Destiny to become sick and corrupted. No matter how much Spider-Zero cuts away from it, the sickness continues to spread. If they don't stop it, travel between the Spider-Verse will be impossible. The only way to cure it is for Miles and Spider-Zero to team up to find Spiderling.

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Since this is a brand new Web that needs defending, the mission calls for the next generation of heroes to rise to the occasion. Peter Parker represents the older class, and now it's time for Miles, Spider-Zero, Annie May Parker and the other new heroes who make their debut in Spider-Verse #1 to step into the spotlight. Seeing Miles team up with a young girl of color is a great moment, placing him in the mentor role instead of being the mentee. Miles was the focal point of Spider-Geddon, meaning he now has the experience to lead a team.

In conclusion, Spider-Zero couldn't ask for a better role model to look up to than Miles Morales.

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