Into the Spider-Verse Producers Return to Live-Action With The Last Human

Producers of Sony's Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, will be sticking with the sci-fi realm for their next adventure, The Last Human.

Based on an upcoming children's book from Lee Bacon, the film is set in the wake of a robot apocalypse which rendered humanity extinct for decades. The duo will direct and produce what's being described as "a reverse E.T." with a family of robots now tasked with protecting a newfound human.

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Lord and Miller's attachment sparked a bidding war which ended with Sony's Tristar Pictures landing full rights. Henry Gayden, the writer behind Warner Bros.' upcoming Shazam!, will pen the script.

The official synopsis reads:

Set after the robot apocalypse, when humans have been extinct for thirty years, the story follows a 12-year-old robot, XR_935, who is happy to live in a world without crime, pollution or war. One day, XR discovers a human, Emma, who is also 12 years old, but has spent her entire life inside an underground bunker, hidden away from machines. Emma and XR form an unlikely friendship, and, with two other robotic companions, embark on a dangerous voyage in search of a mysterious point on a map, a journey that will require them to break all of the rules while also challenging ideas of prejudice.

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The Last Human is a very emotional story, and could offer Lord and Miller a chance to do what they envisioned for Solo: A Star Wars Story before being booted from the Disney project. As of now, they're staying busy with their next project, directing the adaptation of Martian writer Andy Weir's book, Artemis, for Fox.

(via Deadline)

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