<i>Spider</i>-Rivals Donald Glover And Andrew Garfield 'Talked It Out'

Months after Community co-star Donald Glover spearheaded a not-entirely-serious, and not-at-all-successful, campaign to be cast as Spider-Man, he's ended his imaginary rivalry with the guy who'll wear the red-and-blue tights in the Columbia Pictures reboot. On Friday Glover tweeted the above photo of himself with Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield, along with the words, "We talked it out."

Glover launched his online campaign in late May -- a month before Garfield was cast -- following an article that asked why the new Peter Parker couldn't be black or Hispanic. "How does that invalidate who Peter Parker is?" Marc Bernardin wrote at io9.com. "I’m not saying that the producers need to force the issue; that they need to cast a minority just for the sake of it — but in the face of such underwhelming options like Billy Elliot and the kid who played young Voldemort, why not broaden the search?"

That mere suggestion sparked a heated debate among comics fans, or, in the words of Community creator Dan Harmon, a "curious eruption of a previously unknown demographic of racist comic-book readers."

There's been no word as to whether Glover will get a role, even if it's not the lead, in the Marc Webb-directed Spider-Man. But if he doesn't rate at least a cameo, I'll be terribly disappointed.

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