Spider-Punk Could (And Should) Become The New Spider-Gwen

The biggest success to come out of Spidey-Verse was without a doubt Spider-Gwen. The character was meant as a bit of a throw-away from a tie-in miniseries to the event, not intended for the heights she’s since reached. But with a singular sense of style, an intriguing take on the familiar concepts of the Marvel universe and a fresh new perspective on what it means to be a Spider, she’s grown into a stand-alone hero in her right.

As she renames herself Ghost Spider, prepares for her new series and is set to appear in Edge of Spider-Verse, it’s time to look at the character who deserves to take her place as the new breakout Spider-Man: the Anarchic Spider-Punk.

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Introducing Spider-Punk

Introduced as one of the many alternate Spider-People recruited to help fight back against the Inheritors, Spider-Punk immediately stood out. Initially designed by Olivier Coipel as Spider-Man UK, Dan Slott had to break the news that there was already a pretty British Spidey filling that role. But as with Spider-Gwen, the look of the character was so memorable that the people behind-the-scenes decided to give him a whole new backstory and role in the story.

Spider Punk

Initially recruited to Superior Spider-Man’s band of battle ready Spider-People, Spider-Punk managed to survive the event. He appeared in Web-Warriors, the resulting series about various alternate Spiders teaming up to essentially serve as the Spider-Books equivalent of the X-Men’s Exiles. He, along with Spider-Man Noir played the “one willing to get their hands dirty” role on the team. It was even played for laughs when Ducktor Doom showed up with an army of robots and Spider-Ham needed to save the day.

But it’s not in either book where he really shined – instead, it’s the solo stories about the character that make him stand out amongst the other slew of characters.

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