Spider-Man's latest unmasking 'not a decision we entered into lightly'

Last week's New Avengers #51 saw Spider-Man reveal his identity to his teammates -- barely a year after the highly publicized events of "One More Day."

After going to such extreme, and controversial, lengths to conceal the wall-crawler's alter ego, why was Marvel so fast to unmask Peter Parker ... again?

"I talked to [New Avengers writer] Brian Bendis about this before the fact, and it’s part of a larger story arc for Peter Parker/Spider-Man," Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada says in this week's "MyCup o' Joe" Q&A. "And the outcome of it … well, I don’t want to give away Brian’s story, but it will go on and weave through New Avengers and Amazing Spider-Man with a specific outcome in mind. Maybe 'outcome' is the wrong word, but for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, so you’ll see how that plays out in the books. But in all, it was not a decision we entered into lightly."

When interviewer Jim McLaughlin asks, "How much back-and-forth is too much?" -- the unmasking in Civil War, followed by the "un-do" in "One More Day," followed by this -- Quesada responds: "It’s just one of the usual tropes in writing comic books. Things come, they go, the change, they un-change. And secret identities are part of that. It’s part of keeping things interesting, keeping things fresh.
The important part is that these things are done for a reason, and you’ll all see the reason soon of why this particular scene played out as it did."

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