Spider-Man's crime spree resumes with Florida store robbery

Spider-Man had been a public menace for much of last year, getting into a confrontation with a women in Times Square, stealing $6,000 in cash and fighting two Captain Americas on Hollywood Boulevard before getting arrested in Pittsburgh following a store robbery. Heck, he was even blamed for the horrific violence in Venezuela. But in recent months the wall-crawler had appeared to give up his life of crime.

That changed last week when Spider-Man was captured on video robbing a 7-Eleven in Altamonte Springs, Florida, with the aid of a rifle and a masked sidekick, presumably one Andy Maguire, aka Alpha.

According to Orlando's WESH Channel 2, the two men -- one wearing a Spider-Man mask and winter hunting cap with ear flaps -- entered the store shortly after midnight on March 4 and approached a clerk. When she told them she couldn't open the safe, she was pushed to the ground; they then turned to a second clerk, who gave the duo an undisclosed amount of money from the register.

Spider-Man and his not-so-amazing friend were seen fleeing, not in the Spider-Mobile, but rather a dark car with tinted windows.

Curiously, the 7-Eleven is located slightly more than an hour away from the Florida bank hit last summer by Iron Man ...

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