Spider-Man/Deadpool #2

Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness throw Deadpool at both Spider-Man and Peter Parker in "Spider-Man/Deadpool" #2. Kelly's time on the animated series bleeds into his script here, with weird little cutaway gags (including Deadpool's balls). In a way, this Peter is a grown-up version of the animated series version of the character: he's pluckily optimistic and prone to tantrums.

In addition to all the fun, "Spider-Man/Deadpool" #2 has some real depth, too. Deadpool genuinely looks up to Spider-Man, so -- when Pete digs at him -- Kelly lets it sting. Deadpool may be crazy, but he still has feelings.

Spider-Man was kind of a jerk to Deadpool last issue. In hindsight, readers will see why Kelly laid it on so thick. By the time Spider-Man gives Deadpool his phone number, we've traveled far from the opening of the first issue, when Spidey screamed unprintable swears at Wilson. That's good relationship development. Kelly walked a mile to justify why these two would have a series together with long-term, patient storytelling.

Kelly makes a good case for Deadpool as a competent hero. He sees right through the Parker Watch hack that causes all the ruckus. He saves the day even while kind of being bullied by Parker and Morales. Plus, he takes Peter and Miles for a ride in the 'Pool Buggy! Or, at least, a repainted Spider-Buggy that he swiped from Spider-Man.

At the climax of the story, it's revealed that there's some shady business happening at Parker Industries. There's more to this than meets the eye, of course, but Deadpool gets to go to work in an excellent panel from McGuinness that shows him enraged, lightning flashing in the background. Boss mode.

Kelly gives McGuinness big action scenes this issue, like Peter, Miles and Wade fighting an army of Goblins and double Spider beat down, and McGuinness uses clean, uncluttered panels to put iconic characters in dynamic action poses.

This series is off to a really good start. Kelly's writing hits the sweet spot for curious new readers coming in from the movie. It could have been a bean counter book, but it isn't. The creators are clearly having a blast. McGuniess' pages haven't looked better, particularly with excellent colors from Jason Keith.

I love that Miles is included right away, as there's so much potential with that character. Next month, they tease Deadpool's Heroes for Hire, so it's not just going to be Deadpool coming after Peter -- the whole Circus of Stupidity is coming to town.

Whatever happens in next month's "Spider-Man/Deadpool," I'm on board.

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