Spider-Man: 10 Worst Things Carnage Has Ever Done

Carnage has long been the most terrifying villain in Spider-Man's rogue's gallery. A nihilistic psychopath, Carnage gets a thrill from murdering people in massive numbers. Many of Spidey's villains have evil plans, but Carnage's are always the most devastatingly bloody.

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Over the course of his long history, Carnage has committed some of the worst acts seen on a comic book page. From disgusting murders to bloody massacres, this sadistic killer has truly done it all. In honor of the ongoing event Absolute Carnage, here are the top ten worst things Carnage has ever done.

10 Killed His Dog

Cletus Kasady Dog

Cletus Kasady was born a psychopath. At a very young age, he began to develop sadistic homicidal tendencies. Unfortunately for his family, Cletus first began to exercise these feelings at home. As is the case with many young psychopaths, Kasady began experimenting first with animals.

While at home alone, the young Cletus Kassady took a drill and used it to torture the family dog. His mother came home and caught him in the act, horrified by what her son had done. Cletus' relationship with his family continued to deteriorate from there, with his mother trying to kill him and his father beating Cletus to within an inch of his life.

9 Bonded With Norman Osborn

Red Goblin cover

After breaking into a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. warehouse, Norman Osborn was able to get his hands on the Carnage symbiote. This alien was deadly enough when bonded to a powerless human such as Cletus Kasady. When combined with all the strengths of the Green Goblin this new creation, the Red Goblin, was one of the most powerful foes Spider-Man has ever faced.

Although Norman was eventually defeated and separated from the symbiote, his tenure as a Goblin/Carnage was a truly terrifying one. The many deaths the Red Goblin was responsible for made bonding with Osborn one of the worst things Carnage has ever done.

8 Pushed His Grandma Down Some Stairs

cletus kasady

Cletus's dog wasn't his only victim during the early years of his life. Although he wasn't caught at the time, it was later revealed that the young psychopath was responsible for the murder of his grandmother.

Sadistically planning out the perfect time to murder her, Cletus waited for the perfect moment. Then, when his grandmother was at the top of a long staircase, Kasady pushed her down, killing her. This was the very first of a long list of bloody murders that Kasady became responsible for over the course of his criminal career.

7 Drove His Doctor Insane

Ravencroft Institute is essentially the Spider-Man equivalent of Batman's Arkham Asylum. Many of Spidey's most insane foes eventually find themselves locked within the institution's walls. Carnage, in particular, has been a frequent visitor to Ravencroft.

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During one of the madman's many stays, he is questioned by the psychiatrist known as Mister Kurtiz. Kurtiz is notorious for his questionable methods, although in a place like Ravencroft no one is too concerned about the patients' well being. During one of their sessions, Kasady broke free and drilled a hole in the doctor's head, implanting bits of the symbiote and turning Kurtiz into a cannibalistic madman.

6 Resurrected Chthon

During Carnage's solo series, a strange group of cultists lured the psychopath to them so they could conduct a strange ritual. Believing Carnage to be the key to resurrecting the dark god Chthon, the cultists tried to sacrifice him in order to fulfill the prophecy.

Carnage killed the cultists, but instead of leaving decided to fulfill the prophecy himself. After going on a long journey, Carnage is successful in this goal. Although Chthon is defeated shortly after his rebirth, Carnage did come out of the whole ordeal with additional powers that made him even more deadly.

5 Burned Down An Orphanage

Cletus Kasady

After murdering his grandmother and torturing the family dog, Cletus was sent to an orphanage by his parents. Sensing his dark nature, many of the other boys at the orphanage targetted Cletus for bullying.

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After storing up lots of resentment towards the other kids and the staff, Kasady murdered the home's administrator. He then murdered the rest of the home by setting the orphanage on fire.

4 Infected a Town

Carnage USA

During Carnage USA, the symbiote is shown to have an additional ability of creating several spawns. These new Carnages are completely under the original's control. The serial killer then used this ability to turn an entire town into his mindless minions. Carnage even managed to take control of the Avengers for a short period of time.

The trauma this caused the residents of that small town will most likely never leave them. Kasady is a sadistic killer. Forcing normal people to take part in his crimes is truly sadistic.

3 Murdered a Diner Full of People

Deadpool vs Carnage

During the Deadpool Vs. Carnage miniseries, Carnage found himself sitting in a diner, just behind a sheriff on the lockout for Cletus Kasady. Amused by the sheriff's remarks, Cletus revealed himself and quickly murdered the officers.

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Afterward, Carnage went on to murder the rest of the diners, sealing off the exits to no one could escape. Although the rest of his massacre is off-panel, it is safe to say that his murders there were truly disgusting.

2 Attacking Houston

Minimum Carnage

Although Maximum Carnage is this symbiote's most notorious story, Minimum Carnage is another involving his sadistic personality. After visiting the Microverse, the Carnage symbiote was duplicated hundreds of times, creating a small army of tiny Carnages.

With his new army of tiny Caranges, Cletus Kasady attacked the city of Houston, Texas. When Agent Venom and Scarlet Spider decided to intervene, all of the small Caranges combined to create one super Carnage.

1 Carnage in Manhatten

By far, the most famous story from the comics about Cletus Kasady is Maximum Carnage. After escaping prison and forming his own team of super-killers such as Shriek and Carrion.

Using her powers, Shriek is able to cause the people of New York to fall into a bloodthirsty madness. That along with the mayhem of Carnage's murderous team made the events of Maximum Carnage the worst thing this supervillain serial-killer has ever done.

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