Spider-Man, Wolverine join the Big Three on <i>Avengers</i> #1's cover

Behold John Romita Jr.'s cover for Avengers #1, coming at you courtesy of IGN. (I spotted it via a tweet by Brian Michael Bendis himself.) Note the presence of Spider-Man and Wolverine, members of the New Avengers who nonetheless did not appear in Marvel's recent series of teasers for the new adjectiveless Avengers line-up. Note also the presence of Iron Man, Thor, and Bucky Barnes as Captain America, who did get teasers. Ponder the absence of Hawkeye and Spider-Woman, who also got teasers. Keep in mind that Bendis tweeted "no, that is not the entire team." Factor in Secret Avengers writer Ed Brubaker's tweet that there are more Secret Avengers than those featured in that team's mysterious teasers, too. Wonder just how many more Avengers surprises are in store.

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