Spider-man Week in NYC and Captain Marvel Screenwriter links

So everywhere you go in this, the greatest of all cities, you see posters for Spider-man Week.  Well, today, I finally remembered to check out the site to see what was going on.  The site's pretty fun, with a map that combines "real Spidey locations" like where Aunt May lives, events associated with the upcoming week (April 30-May 6), and partnered retail outfits.  Anyway, there's a lot of good stuff there, and they hype FCBD, too, so just another reason to love this city.

Recently, screenwriter John August was announced as the writer for the new Shazam/Captain Marvel feature.  At his blog about screenwriting, he mentions what he thinks is a good reading list for Cap.  He makes a good point about how hard it is to just wade into superhero comics these days due to all the interconnectivity.  Then he goes ahead with his list.  It's not a very inspiring list, honestly.  But I wasn't very enthused about the project to begin with.  Still, a good writer can do good things, so I'm not going to go crazy and slam this.  All I'll say is that is a pretty bad list overall.  (Thanks for the link, Brant.)

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