How Spider-Man's Honeymoon Squelched a Long-Awaited Spider-Man Story

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Marvel almost published the unpublished Spectacular Spider-Man #3 in the pages of a Spider-Man Annual that was then replaced by Spidey's honeymoon



I wrote about the unpublished Spectacular Spider-Man #3 a couple of weeks ago, but, well, let's look at it again...

For years, as Marvel's popularity grew, Stan Lee had been pushing Marvel publisher Martin Goodman to let Lee expand into the world of non-Comics Code Approved magazines. In the late 1960s, if you were a comic book publisher, comic book magazines were one of the hottest tickets in town. Beyond the blockbuster popularity of EC Comics' Mad Magazine, there was also the success of Warren Publishing (well, more critical success than anything else, but still, seeing them do acclaimed "adult" stories must have rankled Lee, who wanted to do more adult-themed fare).

Finally, Goodman approved a Spider-Man black and white magazine. When people expressed disappointment over it being black and white, Goodman authorized a second issue, in full color, behind a stunning John Romita painted cover...

The series ended with that issue despite Lee, Romita and Marie Severin still working on a third issue, which was promoted at the end of #2, the mystery of the TV Terror!

I wrote in that aforementioned Comic Book Legends Revealed that some people believe that the story was repurposed as the Prowler's first appearance. That is not true. The story has not actually ever been published.

However, it came very close in 1987!

Marvel Age #53 had an article about the annuals coming out that year...

However, ultimately, Marvel instead decided to go with a honeymoon issue, which took over as Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #7...

The story has still never been published.

Come on, Marvel, have someone else finish it! Peter David could finish the dialogue and there are a few different artists I'd trust with finishing the Severin work (perhaps Romita could still do a little bit of the job, as well).

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