Spider-Man Leads a New Super Team in Marvel's War of the Realms

As the Marvel Universe gears up for the approaching War of the Realms, it is up to heroes from across the Ten Realms to answer the call. One hero who is tasked with a very special mission is Peter Parker. Spider-Man's no stranger to a team-up, having shared a title with Deadpool for forty-six issues now, but is he cut out for a leadership role? We will soon find out as he becomes the leader of the League of Realms in Spider-Man & The League of Realms.

The three-issue series by writer Sean Ryan and artist Nico Leon charts Spider-Man and the League of Realms' contribution to the War of the Realms event.

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The League is comprised of beings from different realms, meaning Peter will have to take on yet more responsibility. Going into the story, one realm that is keeping its representative a secret is Asgard. On top of rounding out his team with an Asgardian, Peter will have a colorful array of personalities to rally. The League of Realms is initially comprised of Spider-Man, the Mountain Giant, Sir Ivory Honeyshot the Light Elf, Ro Bloodroot the Wizard, Screwbeard the Dwarf and Ud the Troll. Given his spotty track record with leadership, will Spider-Man be able to turn this misfit band into a cohesive unit?

Spider-Man & The League of Realms #1 by Sean Ryan and Nico Leon, with a cover by Ken Lashley, goes on sale in April from Marvel Comics.

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