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Spider-Man and Deadpool are two of the most popular characters in comics today. Hell, we'd go as far to say they're some of the biggest players in pop culture (two hilarious blockbuster films will do that). Deadpool bust into the mainstream in a big way back in 2016, to the point where even self-professed superhero skeptics quote the movie incessantly. On the other hand, it seems that Spider-Man's enduring popularity makes the franchise infinitely re-bootable. Many are calling Spider-Man: Homecoming the best cinematic take on 'ol Webhead yet! Something mainstream fans might not be aware of, however, is the pair's endearingly dysfunctional friendship.

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In the comics, Deadpool has had a long-running mission of becoming BFF's with Spider-Man and, while they're not quite besties, they've proven themselves quite the "odd couple". Unsurprisingly, the internet has taken their friendship to its heart. Seriously, people go crazy for the dynamic duo (can we say that?). People love seeing them together so much that a ship has formed around them, affectionately called SpideyPool. But, unfortunately for SpideyPool enthusiasts, we'll likely never see the pair goof around on the silver screen. Yes, we're sad too. So let's warm our hearts up again with a cavalcade of Spider-Man vs Deadpool memes, shall we?

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Superhero Landing!

Admit it, you lost your cool when Spidey somersaulted into frame in the Civil War trailer. We don't think there's an MCU fan out there that didn't. And quite rightly too! It was an amazing moment, one that seemed impossible at the beginning of the MCU. Deadpool, being Marvel's number one Spider-Man fanboy and a perpetual fourth wall breaker, would have gone insane too. Well, more insane. That's what makes this meme so great.

First, it's absolutely how Deadpool would react to seeing Spidey in the MCU for the first time. Secondly, it's referencing a great moment from Deadpool's own movie. fourth wall breaking, irreverent and self-referential; it's like Deadpool himself made this meme. Actually, he might have. We don't know. Sitting around making memes about Spider-Man all day seems like something he'd do between jobs.


For those of us who are aspiring artists, or just like drawing as a hobby, here's a step-by-step guide to drawing Spider-Man. Granted, it's not nearly enough steps, but don't be ungrateful. We jest! Still, poking fun at how similar the pair look is a habit of both comic fans and Deadpool himself. Luckily they're different enough to avoid confusion for both fans and people living in the Marvel Universe.

Seriously, imagine posting an assassination job and thinking Spider-Man had turned up, armed to the teeth, to take it. Sure, you'd give him the job, but you'd seriously question whether or not you we're dreaming. And let's face it, if Deadpool could swing around the city like Spidey, the people of New York would never have a quiet moment again. So let's just keep the meme as a die-hard rule. For the people of NYC's sake.


Pest Control

This is exactly the kind of insufferable irritant Deadpool would be if he were in the MCU. We love how he seems to be looking at Spidey for approval here. Frankly, considering how much general insanity Deadpool perpetrates on a daily basis and his obsession with Spider-Man, we're surprised Spidey can get anything else done. We like to think he's two seconds away from having to web Deadpool down to stop him chasing Ant-Man around, wildly spraying Raid and screaming about infestations.

You have to wonder where they're sitting in this picture too. It seems like they're all waiting for a checkup from a S.H.I.E.L.D physician or something. Maybe we're thinking about this meme too much. Then again, if you can't think about superheroes too much on CBR, where can you?


Deadpool-Level Trolling

We imagine this is SpideyPool's equivalent of hide and seek. Spider-Man goes about his superheroic business and Deadpool tries to track him down and push him off things. Which, to be fair, would be hilarious. We especially like the thought of Spidey pulling himself out of the river, soaked through, with Deadpool still at the scene of the trolling in fits of laughter.

In suitably Deadpoolian meta fashion, it'd be just like Deadpool to completely hijack the marketing of another hero's movie to promote his own. Why spend money when you can wait for Sony to spend it then co-opt their marketing for your own needs? Fox must seriously love Deadpool when it comes time to review the books come the end of the financial quarter.


Look at the Eyes!

Deadpool is such an adorable fanboy. Come on, look at him here. Once again, Deadpool's mimicking the freak-out we all had (don't lie) when we saw Spidey's emoting eyes for the first time. Colossus standing on the side lines, looking disapproving, makes us chuckle here too. When you're a stern, Russian farmer made of metal, a mask that can emote probably isn't going to impress you as much as, say, a brand new combine harvester.

Or a colleague with an inappropriate age difference to you and the power to phase through walls. But we digress. Ignore us, and bask in another slice of Deadpool sticking his head through the fourth wall to say what we're all thinking. Spare a thought for poor Spidey putting up with all of Deadpool's requests though.


Salty, Salty Wounds

Granted, this one makes more sense if you haven't watched Spider-Man: Homecoming, but it made us laugh enough to include it anyways. Mostly because it finally shows Deadpool getting a taste of his own medicine courtesy of the trademarked Spidey-Wit. Admittedly, Deadpool is the first person to take a jab at the, ahem, misstep of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but we imagine it's still a sore spot for him.

A sore spot that Spidey would keep tucked under his underoos to prod at when Deadpool is starting to grate on him a bit too much. Moreover, the back and forth here is what their friendship is all about. Spidey is one of the only people to treat Deadpool like an equal, and talk to him as such. Sometimes that means throwing the barbs as well as you take them.


Spectacular Web-Ass

First, get your mind out of the gutter. Second, this is Deadpool at his franchise invading, reality crossing best. Imagine his fanboy happiness when he finds out that Spider-Man, or at least A Spider-Man, is back. For all his murderous, straight up weird faults, you can't deny that Deadpool's enthusiasm is endearing. The question here, we suppose, is did Deadpool go on to explain who Andrew Garfield is? And if so, how did Spidey react?

We know that he's a genius, but learning that you're just a different version of "you", that there's no singular definitive "you" and, moreover, someone has had a friendship with every version of "you" in sequence has got to throw you off-kilter. We like our memes with a dash of existentialism and unanswerable questions regarding identity here at CBR...


Dawn of...Chimichangas

We would pay obscene amounts of cash to watch Spidey and Deadpool's interpretation of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. How would it play out? We can't imagine Deadpool ever wanting to kill Spidey, so maybe it's a prank war instead? Or maybe they end up in a prolonged conflict over rights to visit the best chimichanga stall in Manhattan? We imagine is all coming to a head and being solved through a mutual love of "Ben"; Spidey's love for his Uncle and Deadpool's love for the Uncle Ben's brand of cooking sauce.

Yeah, we know, it's a cheap joke. We took it anyway. Regardless, this meme's great because it immediately makes you imagine what SpideyPool would get up to if you popped them into the Dawn of Justice mould. We can't imagine two characters more suited to poking loving fun at the Distinguished Competition.


Don't Play In Traffic

Try as you might, it's all but undeniable; Spider-Man and Deadpool are hilarious together. But Spidey is absolutely the only responsible hero in the friendship. Which is something that this meme displays perfectly. Deadpool has always shown a rather blase attitude towards his own physical safety, but that doesn't mean Spidey wants to see him fly through the air like spilled chili. However, we imagine there's only so much you can do to try and plug the leak that is Deadpool's sheer insanity.

Even Spider-Man can't be everywhere at once, and Deadpool has a fervent, but nonetheless respectable, commitment towards dismemberment (both personal and otherwise). You know the motto, Spidey. With Great Deadpool, Comes Great Responsibility. Well, that's the heart of the message at least...


Do u Even Lift Petey

We'll be honest with you, even we don't know what's going on here. Ostensibly this is just Deadpool making fun of Spider-Man for throwing his back out or something like that, but really, it's anyone's guess. Maybe Deadpool dragged Spidey along to crash a nearby frat party? Maybe Spidey was already exhausted from a fight with the Sinister Six just prior?

Heck, it could even be something completely, unbelievably ridiculous like two guys dressed up as their favorite Marvel superheroes at some sort of social based gathering or celebration, taking advantage of this comedic sight by taking some impromptu cosplay pictures. Safe to say, this is a confusing entry. The only thing we can definitely learn from this is that Deadpool cosplayers never, ever, break character.



Can you imagine Deadpool having access to your personal phone number? The bombardment of texts, missed calls and voicemails would be enough to make you live in airplane mode for the rest of your days. Admittedly, the Snapchats would be hilarious, but we're getting off track. Sorry. The brilliant Texts from Superheroes allows us to peer into that harrowing reality from a safe, non-engaged distance.

We like to think that Deadpool has actually been reading up on spider facts to try and impress Spidey here. You have to commend the effort, but we get the feeling that a lack of arachnid-related trivia probably isn't the reason that Spidey hasn't been returning your calls, Deadpool. He's a busy guy. Give him some breathing room. Trust us.


SpideyPool For Life!

You didn't think we'd talk about Spidey and Deadpool's friendship and not talk about SpideyPool, did you? Ye of little faith. SpideyPool is a fan-ship (ask your parents) with a massive, rabid following. There's no way we're going to risk incurring the wrath of you shippers. Granted, the MCU reboot of Spider-Man has left a cinematic version of SpideyPool a complete non-option due to age differences, but there's still more than enough material in the comics to fuel the SpideyPool engine.

Never mind the slew of, ahem, content online. Of which the pic that Deadpool's drawing here is actually pretty emblematic. In fact, we wouldn't be surprised if Deadpool was responsible for most of the SpideyPool art out there. He's an eccentric guy after all.


So That Was Nice

We love this callback to one of our favorite moments from Spider-Man: Homecoming. There's loads of stuff here that gave us a chuckle. Like how Deadpool would, of course, be drawn to another costumed hero when looking for some directions. And how the chimichanga was, most likely, the best chimichanga Spidey had ever eaten in his life. There's no way that Deadpool would buy anyone a sub-par chimichanga. He is, after all, a man of strong principles.

More than anything, this easily could be the beginning of a wonderful, intensely weird friendship in the MCU. Let's just hope Spidey remembers where they got the chimichanga from. He's sleep deprived enough as it is without being tortured all night by hallucinatory dreams of delicious street food.


You've Been Outshined

Ahh, there's nothing like a bit of healthy competition. There's no denying that 2016 was a great year for Deadpool fans, with a hilarious marketing campaign leading up to an unexpectedly successful (both creatively and commercially) debut movie that cemented Deadpool as one of the most well-known comic book franchises in Hollywood. But for all those successes, Deadpool came super close to being upstaged by one jumpy boy and a one-liner.

Spider-Man was undeniably the breakout star of Captain America: Civil War, with most fans finally conceding that Hollywood could do right by Spidey. Considering Deadpool's seemingly insatiable appetite for attention, we imagine that some kid who didn't even have a movie named after him stealing his spotlight would be a thorn in his side...


Yeah, we know, terrible pun. This meme's a classic though, so really it speaks for itself. The best question this meme raises is what kind of test are they taking exactly?! Is this some kind of Avengers competency test? And why on Earth did they put Deadpool in with Spidey? Surely neither of them are going to do their best work in that environment.

Spidey's a smart guy but there's only so much you can do in the face of constant, unassailable distractions like the kind Deadpool specializes in. Hopefully Spidey can still scrape a passing grade, but Deadpool is for sure failing this exam. Even if he was writing with an actual, you know, writing instrument, our hopes wouldn't be high. Deadpool's not really the academic type.

Which of these is the funniest? Let us know in the comments!

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