Far From Home: 10 Villains We Want More Than Mysterio (And 10 We Would’ve Hated)

With the arrival of the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer, fans finally got to see Mysterio in live action. However, his appearance had a few people confused as to what his role would be in the film. It looked like Mysterio was a good guy, didn't it? He was trying to protect people from those giant monsters (two of whom looked a lot like Sandman and Hydro-Man). Come on, though, anyone who is familiar with Mysterio's whole deal knows that he is creating these illusions himself, most likely in order to gain some accolades and be considered a hero (possibly for money, because what better motivation is there?). Mysterio is definitely one of the more classic Spider-Man villains, and since he has not yet been featured in a film, it's good to see him making an appearance, but could another villain have been a better choice?

There's no doubt that Spider-Man has a rich and eclectic rogues gallery from which to choose a villain for the films. So far, he has faced off against the Vulture and Shocker (although in a very small role). Pitting him against Mysterio is the next logical step, but really there are some great Spider-Man villains that would have made better choices. However, there are also some Spider-Man villains that would have been very bad choices to have on film, either because they are not well-known enough to carry a film, or just because there is already too much backstory behind them to just throw them into the mix right away. These are 10 villains we want more than Mysterio and 10 that we would have absolutely hated.

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It's good to see that the villains being included in the new Spider-Man films are really drawn from his past, and there is no desire to resort to more modern villains to make the stories more exciting. However, if the films were going to pull from the more classic line-up of villains, then why not go with someone like Doctor Octopus?

There is a great parallel between Doc Ock and Spidey, and not just because they are both based on animals with eight limbs. Both of them have scientific minds, and both of them wanted to make the world a better place. However, for Doc Ock, that meant turning to a life of crime. There's also an added layer of tension between these characters since Doctor Octavius could have been someone Peter admired.


The Lizard

Considering the type of world that has been built within the MCU, it might have been a little bit jarring to see a villain like the Lizard pop up in Spider-Man: Far From Home. He's the kind of villain who really makes himself known, what with being a giant reptile and everything.

Beyond his appearance, which wouldn't quite gel with the rest of the world (there's already one big, green guy anyway), Curt Connors is the kind of character that has to have an established relationship with Peter beforehand. This was done very well in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man films, but unfortunately never got to come to its logical conclusion.


Most casual comic book and superhero film fans probably don't even really know who Basilisk is, but he is actually a classic villain who went up against both Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four on numerous occasions. Basilisk started his life as a jewel thief but was turned into a reptilian humanoid after being caught in the explosion of a Kree artifact.

Considering that the Kree are about to become a much more important part of the MCU in Captain Marvel, it would have made sense to have this character appear in a Spider-Man story. He is not as over the top in appearance as the Lizard and would possess otherworldly abilities that Spider-Man has not had as much experience in dealing with.


Green Goblin Deodato

Even though the Green Goblin is one of Spider-Man's most enduring enemies, it's hard to imagine having him on-screen again after Willem Dafoe gave such a great performance in the very first Spider-Man film. Green Goblin might have been the first foe that Spider-Man ever really went up against, but there's no reason he needs to be included in the new canon.

Besides, the relationship dynamic between Peter and Norman Osborn was pretty much given to Peter and Tony in Spider-Man: Homecoming. While Tony Stark is not evil, he is a rich, scientifically-minded person who both mentors and challenges Peter. Having Norman Osborn fill that role instead would just be hard to pull off well.


Tombstone is a classic Spider-Man villain who sometimes is relegated to the role of henchman, but can really stand on his own as a formidable foe for the web-slinger. Tombstone already got a role in a Spider-Man movie when he appeared in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, but it would be nice to see him in live action.

The closest we got to that was Tombstone's small role in Marvel's Spider-Man, the PS4 video game. If the live-action Tombstone was based on this version of the character, then he could become a really important part of the new Spider-Man film universe. He could even be played by the same actor who voiced Tombstone in Into the Spider-Verse, Marvin 'Krondon' Jones III.



Alistair Smythe is not the original Spider-Slayer, but he is the one that most people know and recognize. He became more of a prominent character after being featured throughout the Spider-Man animated series from the '90s. Though he had been featured in several of the comic book stories of the past, he really came into his own as a character on that show.

However, the real question is, would he be right for a part in the new Spider-Man film universe? We think the answer is "no." Smythe requires far too much establishment and backstory, with his father being the first person to try and take down Spider-Man. The story of this character is just a little too complicated and overwrought to bring into the movies at this point.


Ultimate Rhino

Rhino got a pretty bad hand dealt to him when he last appeared on film in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. In that film, he was played by Paul Giamatti, who is a fine actor, but was all wrong for the part. Not only that, but we never even got to see Spidey face off against the Rhino since the film ended on a cliffhanger meant to be resolved in a film that never saw the light of day.

Having the Rhino re-emerge in the new Spider-Man film universe would be a great addition. After all, we haven't exactly seen Spider-Man face off against a larger-than-life villain yet (at least not in his own films. He did help Tony and the Guardians of the Galaxy take on Thanos, after all). It would be cool to see an MCU version of the Rhino, maybe one who utilizes Stark technology to build his suit. As long as they don't have the actor try and do an Eastern European accent again (see Whiplash and Scarlet Witch), it could be a lot of fun.


Sin Eater

Sin-Eater is not necessarily a well-known Spider-Man villain, and it might just be because he doesn't really fit in with some of the other, more brightly-costumed villains who have gimmicks. Sin-Eater is just a cop who, after his partner is taken out by a gang of thugs, promises to get revenge on anyone he sees as being a sinner.

Sin-Eater is just too dark of a villain to be featured in the bright, action-packed new Spider-Man film universe. Not only that, but his inclusion would really throw off some classic Spider-Man storytelling since it was Peter Parker revealing his identity that turned Eddie Brock against him in the first place and caused the symbiote to bond to him.


Considering that Scorpion was already set up in Spider-Man: Homecoming, it has to be a little disappointing to some fans that he won't be facing off against Spidey in the latest film. Why go through the effort to include Mac Gargan as a character, and even give him a distinctive scorpion tattoo if he wasn't going to be part of the next film?

Besides, it would be great if the next film included a villain going after the people Spider-Man cares about. That has always been the crux of a good Spider-Man story: making him choose between saving a hundred strangers or one person that he knows. Scorpion would obviously be the perfect villain to do that since it has always been his M.O. in the past.


Even though it looks like Sandman is getting a little bit of a visual shout out in Spider-Man: Far From Home, judging by the trailer, anyone who is even the slightest bit familiar with Mysterio's schtick knows that this whole thing is just one of his illusions that he has somehow cobbled together.

That might be for the best though. Even though Sam Raimi did an admirable job with the character in the otherwise very flawed Spider-Man 3, Sandman has never been the most complex or interesting of Spider-Man's villains. Having the real Flint Marko Sandman appear on-screen again might not be the best bet for a new Spider-Man film.


Chameleon Bad Costume

Chameleon may not be on the A-List when it comes to Spider-Man villains, but he could definitely be an interesting addition to any of the new films, and that goes double for Far From Home. Imagine if Peter had no idea who he could trust. That would add an entirely new wrinkle to a story that already finds Peter out of his comfort zone on a trip to Europe.

Chameleon could really force Peter to consider just jumping into action and beating up his enemies. After all, if someone could imitate the people that Peter cared about, or even worse, the people who are supposed to be guiding Peter in his journey to becoming a renowned hero, then it could produce a really interesting and dynamic conflict for the hero.


Carrion is another one of the Spider-Man villains who wouldn't even make the cut if a new Spider-Man TV show was being produced. He is pretty much just a B-grade Goblin, at least by all appearances. He has the rather unsettling power of turning living organic material into rotting waste just by touching it.

So first things first, that power is far too dark (and disgusting) to appear in the new Spider-Man films. These are movies that play off the more bright, fun, and colorful aspects of the character, rather than allowing him to sink into darkness and face things that are truly horrifying. Sorry, Carrion. You continue to live on in obscurity.


Kraven has always been, to some people, one of the least interesting Spider-Man villains. His whole deal is that he is a highly skilled hunter who sees Spider-Man as the ultimate game. He wears a ridiculous costume and his entire persona boils down to a single motivation. Does that mean he couldn't be great in a Spider-Man film?

Not necessarily! Imagine if Kraven had been the main villain, or even just a side villain in the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home. He could have seen that Spider-Man was making an appearance in Europe and decided that now was his time to strike. There could even be some deeper motivation for his vendetta against a superhero if he was made to be from Sokovia.


Pretty much everyone is done with vampires at this point, aren't they? It was only a few years ago that the era of "peak vampire" pretty much collapsed on itself. Once the Twilight films had all wrapped up and True Blood was finally finished, people said, "okay, no more of that for a while."

Hollywood did not listen, choosing to cast Jared Leto as Morbius the living vampire in an upcoming film. We're glad that Morbius won't become Spider-Man's next villain, because there is honestly not that much to him besides "he is a vampire who is not quite an actual vampire." Okay, whatever. Mysterio is certainly a better choice than this guy.


Mr. Negative

Mister Negative is one of the newest additions to Spider-Man's rogues gallery, but he is a welcome addition. This villain fits right into the particular Spider-Man canon of villains who used to be good people but were driven into villainy by circumstances that were sometimes out of their control.

Martin Li, the man who would become Mister Negative, actually ran several shelters throughout New York and had befriended Peter Parker through his Aunt May, who volunteered at the shelters. Li would have been a welcome addition to Spider-Man: Far From Home, especially considering that it seems like Spidey is doing some charity work with his Aunt May. Maybe there will be a spot for him in future films? Here's hoping!


Vermin is yet another bit player in the world of Spider-Man villains. He hasn't really shown up that much, but he can definitely give Spidey a hard time when he does. However, his inclusion in the Spider-Man films might just leave people confused as to why they wouldn't just use the Lizard if they wanted to go for an anthropomorphic animal.

Besides, Vermin seems like the kind of secondary villain that would have shown up in Marc Webb's films, maybe just in an attempt to show fans that Sony knew the source material really well (look at this obscure villain we included!). As far as appearing in Far From Home, we're pretty happy that this villain will be sitting it out.



Besides the Green Goblin, Electro might just be one of Spider-Man's worst enemies. Beginning his life as a petty criminal before gaining the ability to produce and control electricity, Max Dillon has remained one of Spider-Man's most recognizable and well-known villains. Despite one very flawed portrayal of the character in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, there should be no reason to exclude Electro from Spider-Man films going forward.

If Electro had been included in Spider-Man: Far From Home, fans probably would have been a little hesitant, especially since he was featured in a film so recently. Still, though, if he had been cast properly and had been given a proper origin story (like maybe he gained his powers from some of the alien technology Adrian Toomes was selling) it definitely could have worked.


Oh boy, was there even a need for Morlun to be featured in the Spider-Man comics, let alone any of the films? This villain is tremendously boring while also being needlessly complicated. The entire reason for his existence just makes the story of Spider-Man seem too contrived (turns out the spider wanted to bite Peter to pass on its powers. Who knew!).

Morlun would make a terrible addition to the Spider-Man films, if only because it takes away from the randomness of Peter acquiring his powers. The fact that a spider chose Peter to become a totem really weakens his decision to become a hero by implying it was his fate. Morlun and his family want to kill everyone who is a totem, and that is just too much weirdness to put on film.


Venom Stegman

Despite a mixed critical reaction, Sony's Venom became a certified box office hit. Tom Hardy's performance as Eddie Brock, coupled with a Venom who looked truly intimidating on film (far better than the slapdash Venom from Spider-Man 3) made for a film that has Sony confident in the construction of a new Spider-Man film universe.

So should Venom have been the main villain in Spider-Man: Far From Home? It would have been really unexpected, but is that such a bad thing? It might have actually been fun to see Venom and Spider-Man working against each other, or maybe even realizing they need to work together to take down another, worse villain.


Carnage Born Web of Venom

Where there's Venom, there's Carnage, right? Slow down, Spider-fans. Carnage hasn't entirely made his way into Sony's Spider-Man universe, at least not yet. With Woody Harrelson making a cameo as Cletus Kasady in a post-credits scene of Venom, fans are now anticipating the red, psycho symbiote making his first ever appearance on film.

Knowing that Carnage needs time to be set up in the Venom films means that his appearance in the second Spider-Man film would have been way too soon. They also would have had to do a lot of heavy lifting, story-wise, to justify his appearance, which would also need to include Venom in the same film. That would have been a real Justice League-level rush job.

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