"Spider-Man Unlimited" Mobile Game Update Brings Sandman, Spider-Girl

Gameloft has announced that its free-to-play infinite runner mobile game "Spider-Man Unlimited" is about to get a huge boost of content today -- the first major update will add two major villains to the game, including Sandman and (in a special Halloween-themed event) Jack O'Lantern. The update also adds May "Mayday" Parker -- the Sensational Spider-Girl -- as one of the game's first of several female spiders Additionally, the update will contain new teases for "Spider-Verse," including adding Spider-Gwen in a few short weeks.

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The new update is the latest in Spider-Man's battle against the Sinister Six, with a trailer that promises to bring new Spider-Men and Women every week to the app along with "Spider-Verse"-focused events.

Check out the trailer and game art below.

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