Homemade Threads: 15 Spectacular Spider-Man Universe Cosplays

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Does whatever a spider can? What about whatever a cosplayer can? Spider-Man is Marvel's most popular character. Long before the MCU was even a concept, people knew the story of Peter Parker. Because of this, the wall-crawler has decorated all kinds of merchandise and has remained one of the most used costumes for Halloween. However, we're not going to be talking about some cheap Halloween costumes. There are many avid fans of the character in the world, and they have poured their time, money, and effort into creating costumes unlike any other. We're talking about none other than the cosplayers of the earth who have expressed their love for the Spider-Man universe.

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There are already some great designs in Spider-Man comics for the various characters, but these cosplayers make them jump from fiction to reality. A lot of the work done on these outfits is so incredible that we have a hard time distinguishing between them and the real ones. It's mostly very impressive work. It's been shown time and time again that the fans know what they're doing, and these 15 spectacular Spider-Man universe cosplays are just further evidence of that. Get ready for the comic pages to jump into our world.

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Because of how popular Spider-Man is, there are many different interpretations to his character. We have the Miles Morales suit, Spider-Man 2099, and even the Black Suit Spider-Man. However, one cosplayer by the name of Ernesto decided to put a different costume on, and the results are actually incredibly astounding -- color us very impressed.

This Spider-Man suit looks like it was ripped straight out of the pages of a Spider-Man comic. To be honest, it looks nearly identical to the suit drawn by Todd McFarlane (and that's one of the best compliments that we can give). The suit is accented with heavy black lines, the eyes are massive and stand out from the rest of the suit, and that pose completes the entire look. Well done.


The spider that bit Peter didn't stop there. It bit one other person before it finally crawled along and died: Cindy Moon. However, she was taken away from New York and held captive for years until she finally busted out. She found Peter and the two became allies working toward a similar goal. She developed her own costume and decided to go out into the world with her own superhero name, Silk.

Silk's costume is brilliant, as it manages to combine the best parts of Spider-Man's and Spider-Gwen's designs respectively. Jasmynd has managed to seamlessly translate this into a fully functional costume, complete with the subtle "s" logo and everything. If Silk were to come into the real world, this is exactly what she would look like.


When Spider-Man was first announced to be in the MCU, many people wondered what his costume would be like? Would it be reminiscent of Sam Raimi's or Marc Webb's films? The answer is neither. Marvel Studios went all the way back to the comics to get the inspiration for Peter Parker's new design. Featuring the classic color scheme, a smaller logo, and expressive eyes, it harkens back to Amazing Fantasy while still fitting in the MCU.

Naturally, this would be a design that many people would want to replicate. Eb Mensah did this expertly. While we doubt that the eyes are expressive, there's no denying that this looks almost identical to the suit seen in Spider-Man: Homecoming. The backpack also completes the look quite nicely.


Few people have ever managed to control the Venom symbiote, but Flash Thompson (yes, Peter Parker's high school bully) came out on top in this regard. After serving in the military and losing his legs, Flash was inducted in an experiment with the symbiote. After he gained control, he was given slick armor and made into a covert operative by the name of Agent Venom.

Combining the intense Venom design with military gear isn't an easy task, but it's one that Tandrie Putra Rahmanda handled well. Using pads on the suit really gives it that militaristic feel while still maintaining the Venom logo and eyes. We can see that a lot of work went into many of the details in this design, so we have to give (blank) props for pulling it off.


Spider-Gwen has always been an interesting and popular character. After she was famously killed in "The Night Gwen Stacy Died", she was later brought back to the pages in an alternate reality. In that world, Peter Parker was the one who was murdered and Gwen was given spider-powers. Taking a white, black, and purple design, she became known as Spider-Gwen to comic fans and has been a prominent Marvel character ever since.

Many of the cosplays we look at always have one or two little blunders that we tend to overlook because everything else is on point. That said, Bianca Bella hit it out of the park with the Spider-Gwen costume. It's about as close to perfect as cosplays go, having an authentic look from top to bottom. If Spider-Gwen were real, she would wear a suit exactly like this.


Of the different versions of Spider-Man introduced over the years, one of the most popular ones is Miguel O'Hara, otherwise known as Spider-Man 2099. He came from a timeline after the "Age of Heroes" that involved all of the popular Avengers and X-Men. When he developed his own set of spider-powers, he knew that he couldn't copy Peter Parker's suit, so he came up with one that would be more functional in that time period.

This cosplayer, Miles McCormack, knew exactly how to translate that over to real life. We have yet to see a Spider-Man 2099 on screen, but if it doesn't look something like this, then the artists are doing something wrong. The suit is complete with the arm blades and even the details on the mask are protruding out of the head rather than being flush with the overall design.


Venom is one of the greatest Spider-Man villains of all time. Being formed by the result of a murderous Klyntar (Symbiote), Venom became a powerful foe before going the route of anti-hero. However, because there is so much detail and size variation to the character, Venom is a difficult cosplay to get right.

While there are some minor qualms (like the proportion of the head to the rest of the costume), we have to praise Alexandre Phinney for doing a mighty fine job at it. The costume isn't completely sleek and the head is grotesque enough to make some people think twice before talking to him. We also have to praise the design for not being just face paint -- it looks cool, but it doesn't have the same effect as the full mask.


Once the Spider-Verse was introduced, Marvel got really creative with the variants of Peter Parker. One of the more recognizable ones is Spider-UK. Billy Braddock was once part of the Captain Britain Corps until he took the guise of Spider-UK. His friends were some of the first to detect when other Spider-Men in alternate realities were being killed and gave him a device that allowed him to hop to different dimensions. He took it upon himself to save his counterparts.

While not drastically different from the classic Spider-Man design, the Spider-UK costume is quite cool. Phil makes it even cooler by bringing it to life in a near-perfect fashion. The red webbing comes down to the torso to form the UK flag while the arms and legs are almost entirely blue. It's a great change of pace for both Spider-Man and cosplayers.


The Vulture has been long-planned to be in a Spider-Man film for years, but it wasn't until Spider-Man: Homecoming that we finally got to see him take flight on the big screen. Gone was the laughable elderly Adrian Toomes from the comics, and in its place was a terrifying technological interpretation. Michael Keaton had us all shaking in our boots.

The Vulture costume was already scary, but we really have to give shoutouts to Jai D. Evans for going above and beyond. To be honest, this is such a faithful replication that it looks like a piece of concept art. The best part is that we've seen other pictures of this costume and everything bit of the costume you see in this shot is 100% real.


Ben Reilly is often cited as the superior Scarlet Spider, but he wasn't the only one to take up that mantle. When Jackal cloned Peter Parker, he actually created another version who was named Kaine Parker. After some self-discovery, he went the route of the hero himself and became another variant of the Scarlet Spider, featuring a new costume and all.

This cosplayer, kaine1971, has masterfully captured the deep black and bleeding red of Kaine's unique Scarlet Spider costume. There's enough detail on the red that it feels more like a suit and less like something you could buy at the store as well. The alternate spider-logo and different eye designs also have to be praised, as we imagine it wasn't an easy job to pull off.


The Iron Spider outfit has only appeared in movies once and that was in Spider-Man: Homecoming. That is the suit that Peter will use in Avengers: Infinity War, so there's even more to look forward to when that movie finally hits the big screens. That said, it is a vastly different take on the classic Iron Spider design, but we have to praise it nonetheless.

On that note, we also have to pat The RPC Studio on the back for faithfully recreating the MCU Iron Spider with an incredible amount of impressive accuracy. While it can't be perfectly replicated (you'd need millions of dollars for that), this about as close as it gets. We especially like how the metallic accents look on the logo, arms, and legs respectively.


Back when Sam Raimi released Spider-Man, one of the bigger complaints received was that the villain of the movie, the classic Green Goblin, was nothing like his comic book counterpart. After all, Norman Osborn was known for having the glider and the pumpkin bombs, but he looked more like a goblin that belonged at a Renaissance Festival rather than a rejected Power Ranger as he does in the movie.

Thankfully, Shaun went back to the pages for their costume. This interpretation is excellent because it's hard to tell where the actual face ends and where the makeup and additions begin. Complete with the purple suit and bright green sleeves, this is how we imagine the Green Goblin would look if he were actually properly depicted on screen.


There have been a lot of Spider-Man games over the years, but none have stirred up the media and public more than Spider-Man on the PS4. What makes it so exciting? Insomniac (the makers of Ratchet and Clank and Spyro the Dragon) are heading the project. Peter will also be sporting a new design in the game that celebrates past iterations while adding something new to the mix.

Because the game isn't even out yet, we have to praise Kenji Kiseki for taking the time to analyze the suit and replicate it. Never would we have thought that white would look good on the wall-crawler, but after seeing this cosplay, we're changing our tune. It's such a great costume that it somehow gets us even more hyped for the upcoming PS4 exclusive.


If there were ever a villain to give Venom a run for his money, it would be Carnage. This sadistic symbiote bonded to Cletus Kasady, who was a notorious serial killer. That combined with the messed-up symbiote created a being that was every bit as insane and murderous as The Joker himself. The resulting Carnage would become one of Spider-Man's most feared foes in history.

While not a perfect design, Merc with the Moves clearly put a lot of thought into this Carnage cosplay to the point where it makes us unsettled. The head is clearly the selling point, being uniform with the rest of the suit and still having that creepy look that Carnage is known for. We also have to praise the extensions on the fingers to add just that little finishing touch to an already great costume.


Spider-Gwen is a cool character. Venom is a cool character. If you want to cosplay as either one, why not try both at the same time? With that idea in mind, _mandalorian put a lot of work into this costume that features a Spider-Gwen infused with the Venom Symbiote, or Gwenom. Gone are the bright pinks that the character is known for, and in its place is a myriad of black webbing and accented outlines (not to mention those beady eyes).

On top of that, there's just something perfectly sinister about this design. Instead of normal hands, the Gwenom character is given the massive claws that we've seen many Symbiotes use. It's just a brilliant finishing touch on a cosplay that is already a lot of fun to look at.

Which of these Spider-man universe cosplays is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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