'Spider-Man' trailer hits the airwaves, Web



[Spider-Man] Scenes from the trailer available on the official Web site.

"Spider-Man" has arrived and the ass-kicking has commenced.

Fans who tuned in to Thursday night's episode of "Temptation Island 2" on the Fox Network got the first look at the new, complete trailer for the upcoming "Spider-Man" movie. This was no teaser trailer but a montage of what could be 2002's biggest hit.

Hard core fans will recognize clips that we've already seen: things from the previous teaser, the origin clip that played at the comic cons over the summer and the more recent "close call" and "tram ride" footage. Intercut with that were numerous scenes of the characters interacting: Peter and Osborne, Peter and Mary Jane, Peter and Aunt May and, of course, many many new shots of Spider-Man and the Green Goblin in action.

It's all accompanied by judicious snippets of dialog that has us thinking that this movie may well capture the wit and charm of the comics that inspired it. Our favorite quote: Aunt May to Peter, "You do to much. You're not Superman you know."

The trailer then made its web debut on the official site at around 1 a.m. ET. This was a slightly longer, special cut for web-based web-heads.

There are also notices on the site touting an exclusive web interview with star Tobey Maguire. However, at the time of this writing that content did not seem to be available.

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