Spider-Man, Robin Artist Tom Lyle in Coma After Suffering Brain Aneurysm

Spider-Man and Robin artist Tom Lyle is in hospital following a brain aneurysm.

Artist Phillip Sevy, who is responsible for such books as Triage and Tomb Raider, shared the news on Twitter, writing, "So my mentor & friend #TomLyle is in the hospital right now after suffering a brain aneurysm. The doctors are hopeful but he could use all the good thoughts/wishes/etc. I drew the Scarlet Spider in support. If you know Tom, feel free to do the same. Get well soon, friend."

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Lyle, who is 65-years-old, is the co-creator of several characters, including Stephane Brown. He's also responsible for many prominent redesigns of existing an established characters. In addition to Amazing Spider-Man, Lyle worked on such books as The Punisher, The Comet, Starman and many more. Lyle has also work as a writer on various series.

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Sevy provided additional information on Facebook about Lyle's condition, explaining doctors will "operate and try and clear up the blood clot" on Wednesday. "He (and his wife Susan Paris Lyle) could use all the good thoughts/wishes/prayers/whatever you can give during this time," he continued.

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