Spider-Man Actor Tom Holland Burns Anthony Mackie Over the Lack of a Falcon Movie

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe is filled with snarky quips on the big screen, it seems the actors are just as snappy with each other off-screen, as well. Case in point: Tom Holland's steaming-hot burn on Avengers: Infinity War co-star Anthony Mackie, who had only just revealed he didn't watch Spider-Man: Homecoming.

At Ace Comic Con in Seattle when Mackie indicated that he ought to get around to seeing Homecoming sometime, Holland was taken aback, asking the man who plays the Falcon in the MCU if he was serious. When Mackie cheekily responded, "No," Holland had the perfect retort. He responded in jest, "I haven't seen the Falcon mo-- oh, no... there isn't one. Sorry."

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It certainly stung Mackie, who took it on the cheek, much to the amusement of the audience, as well as the rest of the panel, Winter Soldier actor Sebastian Stan and moderator Kevin Smith.

The banter harkened back to the comedic dynamic between trio in the Civil War movie, when Holland debuted as Spidey to take them on in the Russo brothers' famous airport scene. This would go on to set Peter Parker up for his full-blown introduction into the MCU in Homecoming a year later, with a sequel now moving full-steam ahead.

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