"Spider-Man & The X-Men" to Replace "Wolverine & The X-Men" in December

UPDATE 9/10/2014 12:09 PM PT: Current "Wolverine & The X-Men" scribe Jason Latour has commented on the news via Facebook, confirming that his final issue of the series will be #11.

"Thanks to everyone who supported the effort. It was a great learning experience & childhood dream come true, that you made worthwhile," Latour said via Facebook. "For now I'll be focusing on giving 'Southern Bastards' my all & prepping my next Marvel writing gig. Both of which are really awesome ways to spend my time .One door closes, a sweet tea jug makes another by running through a wall. At the end of the day I have a pretty great damn job, y'all."

ComicBook.com reports that Spider-Man will soon step into Wolverine's shoes as headliner of "Wolverine & The X-Men." The new "Spider-Man & The X-Men" series by "The Daily Show" writer Elliott Kalan and artist Marco Failla will debut in December, centering around Spider-Man as the newest faculty member at the Jean Grey School: a guidance counselor. And while the X-Men may not be happy about the web-slinger's presence in the JGS's storied halls, they're definitely going to honor one of Wolverine's final request before his death.

"He's not a mutant, and though he may be a friend of the X-Men, he's not a member of the family," Kalan told ComicBook.com. "There's a lot of tension between mutants and an outsider whose true identity they can't even know for sure. But before Wolverine died he made it clear he wants Spider-Man at the school, and he asked Spider-Man to go on a mission for him. Unfortunately, Logan also wanted the mission kept secret from the other X-Men, so all they see is Wolverine's crazy pal inserting himself into their business."

Kalan has contributed to quite a few Marvel Comics, including the recent "Wolverine Annual" #1. The writer further stated he hoped to highlight some of the newer X-Men students "who have been around for a little while but haven't gotten all of the attention I think they've deserved."

The current "Wolverine & The X-Men" title is written by Jason Latour, who recently said during a X-Position column that the series could survive beyond the death of its title character.

"I think the heart and mission of this book can, yes," Latour said in August. "Logan has left such an impact on these kids that his absence will almost be a character itself in any story about them moving forward."

Check out the solicitation info below. "Spider-Man & The X-Men" #1 hits stores in December.




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Meet the Jean Grey Academy's new guidance counselor: Spider-Man!

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