Spider-Man Can't Get Rid of the Tarantula That Easily!

Sure enough, in 1988, Conway triumphantly returned to Marvel and took over two Spider-Man titles, Web of Spider-Man and Spectacular Spider-Man, with David Michelinie handling the reins on the flagship title, Amazing Spider-Man. And in Conway's first issue of Spectacular Spider-Man, #137 (134 issues after Conway left the book - still working with artist Sal Buscema), guess who the villain was?

Yep, Conway introduced a brand-new Tarantula who wore the same costume as the original Tarantula...

Only, this time, Tarantula had been given special drugs, akin to Captain America' Super Soldier Serum, so that he could hang with Spider-Man now...

Almost no one will ever love a comic book character more than the person who created them.

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