Spider-Man Swings Past Cops in New Set Photo

If you're looking for news on the Amazing Spider-Man 2 front, there's nowhere better to turn than director Marc Webb's Twitter feed.

Over the course of more than 80 days of production, the filmmaker has tweeted out pictures from the set of his still-shooting Spider-Man sequel. It was no different this past weekend, as Webb unleashed two tantalizing stills from Peter Parker's next adventure.

On Saturday, Webb unleashed a photo (below) of Spider-Man cruising over a police cruiser like nobody's business. The only context Webb supplied for the picture isn't much to go on: "'Sup?" But hard to say it's not fitting given the laid-back vibe of the photo.

Then, on Sunday, Webb unleashed a separate Spider-Man photo (above), but the webslinger himself was nowhere to be found — not in any obvious way, at least. The photo, labeled "Diplomacy," features a group of students wearing caps and gowns for graduation. It's hard to see if star Andrew Garfield is in the shot, but there is a blonde woman wearing a cap that partially reads "… miss you guys." Emma Stone, perhaps?

We'll get the answers when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 swings into action on May 2, 2014.

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